How to Make Delicious Coffee at Home


Aromatic and invigorating coffee is one of the most popular drinks around the globe. Someone cannot imagine a day without a cup of espresso, while others indulge in a latte with syrup on weekends. One thing remains unchanged: coffee.

Today, the assortment of most coffee houses is not limited to a couple of three positions. Caramel mocha, chocolate latte, Irish coffee have long become commonplace, and their absence on the menu is now considered bad manners.

These drinks can be easily prepared at home. We offer several interesting variations of the most popular coffee drinks.

How to choose the best coffee beans.

When choosing coffee, first of all pay attention to the quality of the packaging.

To pack their coffee, manufacturers use various materials: paper and plastic bags, foil, sealed packs with a valve, aluminum cans and barrels.

Coffee in a paper bag cannot be stored for long. This type of packaging is not airtight and air easily penetrates into it, which is detrimental to coffee beans. Within a few hours, coffee will lose most of its aroma and you will not be able to recognize its true taste.

Also, do not store coffee in a plastic bag. Light penetrating through the walls of the bag has a detrimental effect on the grain, changing its taste and aroma. In addition, whole coffee beans give off gases after roasting, and if they cannot come out of the package, the coffee will go bad.

A tight sealed bag with a valve is the most common type of packaging used by large manufacturers who monitor the quality of their product. This type of packaging protects coffee during transportation, does not allow air and light to penetrate into the packaging, and excess gases escape through a special valve.

Only exclusive premium coffees are packed in aluminum cans and barrels. Blends in cans are even more secure than packets, since coffee is not physically affected as in soft packs. Plus, the packaging looks more respectable. Coffee in aluminum cans is very expensive.

best coffee beans

Each mixture has a shelf life. It is usually 12 to 24 months old. This information must be indicated on the packaging. The date can be written in paint or embossed in the pack itself. If the coffee is packed in a tight vacuum bag with a valve or in an aluminum can, the manufacturer guarantees that the coffee will retain its taste and aroma throughout the entire shelf life.

Therefore, if the packaging has been broken or the expiration date has expired without hesitation, return the goods to the seller, this coffee is not recommended. Choose coffee in quality packaging

Espresso with spices

Espresso is the strongest and most invigorating coffee that exists on the planet. Most other coffee drinks are prepared on its basis. Therefore, you should definitely master the technique of making a classic espresso.

And if you want to make your espresso even more delicious, try adding spices. Interesting taste guaranteed

Cooking method:

Espresso can be prepared both in the coffee machine (there is a special program for this) or on your own. Pour small freshly ground coffee beans into a Turk and pour 30 milliliters of cold water. Cook over medium heat until foam rises, but never boil.

If you decide to make coffee with spices, then some time before the foam starts to rise, add the spices and honey and mix well.

Continue brewing the espresso until the foam rises.

Pour into coffee cups and serve.

Americano with honey

From the name of this drink it follows that it was very popular in North America. Today Americano is drunk all over the world. It is less strong and concentrated than espresso, but just as effectively invigorates.

Cooking method:

We cook Americano. To do this, prepare a classic espresso (as in the first recipe). 7-9 grams of coffee beans require 30 milliliters of water. After the espresso is ready, add another 125 ml of hot water to the drink.

The egg yolk must be rubbed with sugar until the mass turns white. Add honey and grind well again.

Place 2 teaspoons of egg and honey cream in a cup. Pour in a thin stream of americano, stirring constantly.

Add a slice of lemon and serve.

Dalgona coffee

This milk drink is often referred to as the “400 stirring” drink. Whipping the cream requires instant coffee, water and sugar. To get rid of the bitterness, they usually put a little more sugar, because of which the proportion can be 1: 1: 2. It will take a long time to stir: 4-30 minutes. It depends on whether you are using a fork, whisk, or mixer. Many people do not have the patience and perseverance for mixing, since the process is not the fastest.

The initial and final results are very different from each other. At first, the mixture has a dark shade, and already at the end it becomes light.

Cooking method:

1. Pour coffee, sugar and hot water into a convenient bowl or glass (you can use a jar). But not boiling water! The coffee should dissolve, not brew.

2. Take a whisk and start stirring, slowly at first and then whisk.

Koreans call this coffee “400 beats” or more.

At first, you just have some coffee with sugar and some water in your bowl. But as you beat it, a miracle happens.

If you find it difficult to whisk, use a mixer, but not a blender. Something goes wrong in him …

3. With a quick whisk, the coffee slurry turns … into a rich, light foam, and then into a rather thick creamy mousse.

4. Three teaspoons of coffee will make a lot of coffee mousse, as whipping increases the initial volume by 5-7 times!

The main thing here is not to interrupt too much. When the mass increases and thickens, it will become a little more difficult to beat. So it’s done!

5. Put 3-5 ice cubes in a tall transparent glass, and pour cold milk on top. About half a glass or 2/3 the volume

6. Using a spoon, gently place the froth on the cold milk. It is very important not to mix everything while doing this!

Cappuccino “Blanco”

Cappuccino is perhaps the most common coffee drink. It tastes quite gentle and soft and to some extent neutral. This means that almost everyone likes him with rare exceptions.

Cooking method:

Heat the milk in a small container. After a while, add vanilla crumbs and, continuing to heat, bring the milk to a boil. Cool and let it brew for a few minutes under the lid.

Add sugar and boil again. Cool quickly, then strain and separate the remaining vanilla.

Beat the drink with a blender until a solid strong foam forms.

Prepare espresso as in the first recipe. Pour halfway into glasses. Add milk froth to the brim.

Garnish with a cinnamon stick before serving.

Latte with white chocolate

Latte with white chocolate is a recipe that will appeal to all sweet lovers. Here’s a simple way to sweeten yourselfe life. Latte with white chocolate turns out to be even tastier and more interesting.

Cooking method:

Pour coffee into a French press and cover with hot water. Cover and leave to infuse for 3-4 minutes.

Pour milk into a saucepan and put on medium heat. Bring to a boil and add chopped chocolate. Stir for 2 minutes, until the chocolate melts. Then beat until thick foam forms and remove from heat.

Pour coffee into tall glasses. Add the milk froth with a spoon and pour in a small amount of the milk itself. Serve immediately.

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