How to Lower Stress in 2020


2020 has been a challenging year for people across the globe. With most places still under lockdown, and curfews, and stay-at-home orders, cases of stress and depression have naturally been on the rise. But considering the many deleterious effects of stress in the human mind and body, it is important to find ways to reduce it. So how can you lower your stress levels in 2020?

1. Eating Healthy

Is there a connection between diet and stress? Oh, yes, there is. A robust immune system and lowered blood pressure come from eating healthy foods. Overloading your system with processed foods and toxins such as alcohol lowers your mood. Foods that raise adrenaline are the worst because they elevate cortical levels in the body, contributing to high-stress levels. Through eating a healthy, well-balanced diet, you are basically using very functional medicine to fight stress and diseases naturally. While at it, focus more on foods containing nutrients like vitamin C, Magnesium, and the B vitamins, as well as herbs like turmeric and ashwagandha. Remember, Remember, you are what you eat, so feed yourself well!

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2. Engage in Activities 

Sometimes, we engage in physical activities to keep fit or kill boredom. But the truth is, being active is a great way to lower stress levels in your system. Your brain is occupied just by doing chores. Thinking of what to do next keeps your mind occupied. Going out for a walk and taking your dog with you is a perfect body stretch for your pet and you. It can as well help your mind relax. By being active, the brain produces Endorphins, a calming chemical, and a natural relaxer also known to improve sleep. Your mood gets improved with activities so try to be as engaged to avoid overthinking. Fewer body movements make the body muscles tight from a health perspective, resulting in low blood circulation. 

3. Practice Yoga 

Yoga is a good mood-booster, especially because of the breathing techniques involved. It involves a lot of stretching, and the most essential of all is the deep breathing. Deep breathing exercises help improve oxygen circulation in both our bloodstream and our brain. It stabilizes our ability to think and make decisions better. Breathing sends signals to your brain to calm down and boosts energy. That is why you find a lot of calmness and pin-drop silence in a yoga room. So much inner reflection and communication take place at that time. 

4. Discovering Talents and Hobbies

Engaging in what you love the most can help relieve stress. Gratification, such as engaging in your talent or hobbies, can lower stress and prevent it from causing depression. Picking up a new hobby like playing the piano can be helpful. Since it takes time for a newly acquired hobby to turn into behavior, it leaves no room for thinking negatively or otherwise. When you are idle, you will realize that you tend to engage in negative thoughts and self-pity, which lowers your esteem and self-love. Games like Sudoku and puzzles keep the brain engaged and positively active.

5. Massage Therapy

Massage therapy helps with rebalancing hormones and releasing muscle tension. Painful contractions and spasm come from anxiety or somewhat tightened muscles. The pressure is both physically and psychologically harmful because it causes the body to release toxic chemicals that cause a spike in stress levels. In the process of stimulating the nerves and relieving muscle tension, stress can be lowered.

Stress is an absolute slow killer! It affects your health and your lifestyle in so many ways. This 2020, you can try the above remedies to fight stress and live a healthier lifestyle.

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