How to Kick Start Your Healthy Lifestyle Plan


Getting back into the routine of healthy living can be difficult. What with hectic professional and social lives to contend with, it can at times feel difficult to find that personal time to concentrate on both your physical and mental well being. Here we look at ways to get you back on track to living a healthy lifestyle once again.

Realistic Goals

Where the majority of people fail when looking to lead a healthy lifestyle is in aiming for unrealistic goals and achievements. Not only can this be impossible from where you are initially starting from but can also lead to a lack of motivation if your goal has not been met. Professional coaches recommend that goals should be small and achievable. Psychologically this enables you to feel that sense of achievement whilst enabling you to move on to the next goal. If you only visited the gym once last week, aim for three times the next week. Short term goals will help you vision the long term successes.

Cut Out The Junk

Rushing to meet deadlines at work? Grabbing ready-made meals and snacks? Although such fast food options will give that initial 30 minute kick, you are more than likely to feel worse once this high in saturated fat and salt meal digests. Now you don’t have to eat like a rabbit to achieve a healthy lifestyle but by watching the daily amount of calories you consume, saturated fat content and protein content you digest will allow you to start making modifications to your lifestyle.

Regular Exercise

Many state that there is not enough time in the day to exercise, this is simply wrong. It is possible for everyone to adapt their lifestyle to accommodate regular exercise. How can this be achieved? Self motivation is the decisive factor here; you must want to live a healthy lifestyle before this can be achieved. Incorporate times of the day when you can allow yourself to exercise. Don’t spend your lunch hour internet browsing unless your doing an online wellness course. Instead, go for a walk and get your body moving, not only will you feel better in yourself but you are enabling yourself to be more productive in the working environment. Get others involved, seek out local exercise sessions in your area, many can be free. Ask a family member or friend to seek a healthier lifestyle with you, this way you can both be motivating factors ensuring both parties are partaking in regular exercise.

You Are What You Eat

As discussed before junk foods have to be cut out to enable a healthy lifestyle. Begin preparing your own meals which are high in nutrients and low in fat. If the body is not consuming enough natural minerals this is when many complain of feeling both mentally and physically ill. If this cannot be achieved then alternative options must be considered. Echinacea Purpurea 1000mg tablets are recommended to those who are not living a healthy lifestyle. This supplement aids the production of white blood cells and enables the body to fight off any seasonal illnesses which may be lurking.

Future Results

Adopting these small recommendations will allow you to progress on to bigger and better things. These tips will enable you to kick start your healthy lifestyle but it’s up to you to ensure you get to the next level.

Ashley is a sports coach working with those looking to lead a healthier lifestyle. 

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