How To Keep Your Kids Fit And Active


One of the biggest challenges that parents face in today’s day and age is keeping their kids fit, happy and active. In a time where smartphones, computer games, and television have made it easy for children to stop getting the exercise that they need, it is vital that parents look for ways to get their kids active. In addition to being good for their physical health, this can also benefit their mental health too. On top of this, when you do these activities together it can help you to bond as a family and bring you closer together, so here are a few ideas to try to get your children into shape.


Walk To and From School

If you live close to the school, encourage the kids to walk instead of driving them or getting the bus. Even walking can have a huge impact on overall health and particularly those that have been inactive for a while. In addition to this, walking to and from school can boost their independence which, in turn, boosts their self-confidence.

Family Outings

It is all too easy at the weekend to sit around the house watching TV and playing on a smartphone. While this is fine from time to time, you should spend this time encouraging your brood to get out and about. One way to do this is to arrange family outings to places that will keep them active but also provide plenty of fun and bring you closer together. One great example is an escape room, which is a way for them to work out their brain in a unique and fun setting. You can find these by searching online in your local area, such as Indianapolis Escape Room.


Swimming is a superb way to get kids fit and healthy, and most will jump at the chance to hop in the pool. Swimming is a terrific form of exercise because it is a full body workout and excellent for cardiovascular fitness, but it is also one of the more enjoyable types of exercise and particularly if there is an outdoor pool nearby in the summer.

Dog Walking

Most children love dogs, so taking one for a walk can be an enjoyable experience while also being a good form of exercise. If you do not have your own dog, ask if you can borrow a friend’s and take it for a nice walk somewhere. As mentioned, even walking is beneficial and you will see a big difference if done on a regular basis.


Sports are a fantastic way for a kid to get into shape, plus they can also develop a wide range important life skills and introduce them to new people. Not every child likes competitive team sports like baseball, basketball, etc. but there are still other options to try like swimming, skateboarding and martial arts.

It is incredibly important to get kids fit and active, but it is a challenge in a day and age where smartphones, the internet and video games play such a large role in life. The above are just a few ways that you can get your kids active and improve their fitness.

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