How to Have a Home That is Dust-free


If you clean your home from top to bottom but still find that dust seems to accumulate everywhere then you are not alone. This is a common problem that many people face. The following tips can help you to reduce the amount of dust in your home.


Deal With Bedding First

Although it may not be something that you want to think about, the main place that dust will gather in your house is in your bed. This is mainly because when you lie in bed at night any dead skin cells will shed onto the bedding and cause dust. Regularly changing bedsheets can help deal with this problem. Think about it, you use your bed every day of the year and almost half your life. So to neglect that aspect is just crazy. Skin cells can come from many parts of your body like dandruff, or other dry skin areas.

Clean Spaces That May Get Forgotten

There are some spaces that may get forgotten during your regular cleaning routine such as the inside of doors and the back of closets. By ensuring that these areas are cleaned at least twice a month you can reduce the amount of dust that collects there. This includes behind fridges and ovens. Also behind other places like TV stands or beneath chair legs.

Keep Floors Free Of Clutter

The more things that there are on the floor, the more dust that will collect there. Piles of clothes on the floor are the worst culprits and so should be avoided. Wooden or laminate flooring is also much better than carpet at remaining dust free. Don’t be a lazy slob especially since this habit will help you if you have company coming over to your place. Create good habits that save you time and grow you as a person.

Literally Clean From Top To Bottom

When you are cleaning a room you should always start at the top of the room and work your way downwards. This means that any dust that falls to the floor when you are cleaning shelves and other pieces of furniture will be vacuumed or mopped up when the floor is cleaned.

Use Products That Are Designed To Tackle Dust

This point is where a lot of people make the biggest mistake with their cleaning. Don’t just use any product and go overboard with it. You don’t need detergent or a solution to get rid of dust. All you really need is a mop but if you want to get more fancy and make it easier on yourself then you can use a vacuum. However, don’t just go down to your local Walmart and pick up a vacuum. That’s because there are certain vacuum cleaners that are better than others at picking up dust and so it is worth doing your research to find one that will do a good job. If you are using a duster or a cleaning cloth, then choose ones that are made from microfiber as these will collect dust in the fibers rather than just moving it around. Microfiber has special properties that make it more capable of locking in dust in their fibers.


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