How To Get Ultra White Teeth Without Paying Through The Nose

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We all like to look as good as possible and why shouldn’t we? But there is a line that we are wary of crossing when it comes to paying for the privilege. The ultra white baby teeth that we are born with and the white teeth that grow in years later are one of those body parts that tend to fade as we get older. We do what we can to maintain our lovely smiles and sometimes we get some extra help. Sadly the cost of some cosmetic procedures can be a tad scary. There are some ways in which you can get your perfect smile back to its glory days. Here we look at some of those inexpensive options.

Option 1 – Big White Smile Professional Whitening Treatment

This kit uses a professional strength hydrogen peroxide substance to clean your tooth’s surface and remove all deep seated stains. The kit includes ten individual applications for your whitening process. You are supposed to apply one dosage each day for the best results. You squeeze the gel onto a small plastic tray and this tray is applied to your teeth. Remove the tray and the gel is now doing its magic to your less than white smile. After sixty minutes you remove the gel and you should see some difference almost immediately.

Option 2 – Theramed Perfect Express Whitening Toothpaste

This is toothpaste that contains pumice instead of any whitening products. But the pumice is an extremely powerful agent that is abrasive enough to remove stubborn stains from your teeth. Seven days use is usually enough time for you to see a marked improvement. This paste is recommended for drinkers of red wine and coffee, smokers are also earmarked for this home improvement dental application.

Option 3 – Arm & Hammer Extra Whitening Toothpaste 
Arm & Hammer are well known for their baking soda addition to everyday toothpaste. This time they are pushing the whitening fact to its customers. This product will remove plaque and stains but has no active whitening product included. It is however, good toothpaste for keeping stains and plaque at bay.

 Option 4 -The Smile Place Whitening System

This is classed as a ‘professional and safe tooth-whitening system’ and it is far more complex than the previous products mentioned here. It contains a putty substance where you make impressions of your teeth and send these back to the Smile Place laboratory. There they will make tailor made dental trays based on your impressions. The dental trays are sent to you within a week or so and include a whitening gel already applied to the tray. This is applied to your teeth via the tray for two hours a day. The carbamide peroxide gel will whiten your teeth quickly and safely.

Option 4 – Phillips Sonicare Elite

This claims to be the ‘number one recommended sonic toothbrush’ and it certainly looks the part! It has a patented cleaning action that combines sound vibrations with a wide-sweeping brush action. It will not whiten your teeth but will certainly remove most of your stubborn stains and keep plaque at bay. The sonicare is almost as fun as glowsticks too.

Overall Verdict

It seems that all of these products will be good for your teeth and because everyone is different, perhaps the only real surefire way to achieve ultra white teeth is to speak to your local dentist.

Jennifer Trueman is a dentist in Perth, WA. She is most famous for her cosmetic dentistry services and helps people out on matters of dental health by giving useful tips on her blog.

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