How to Get a Six Pack: The Ultimate Guide To Solid Abs

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How to Get a Six PackI want great abs, you want great abs. If you didn’t then you wouldn’t be reading this how to get a six pack article. Really who doesn’t want a nice set of abdominal muscles? A six pack is associated with being in great physical shape as well as general athletic prowess. But alas, many of us don’t have a six pack.


That doesn’t mean you can’t get a six pack or ripped abs. It takes some hard work and dedication but the end result is well worth that effort! So how do you get a six pack?

How to Get a Six Pack

The workout to follow is a real ab-burner. There is lots of flexing and crunches going on here for a whole lot of abdominal burn. You want that six pack? Then prepare to earn it!

These ab exercises are to be done in a standard circuit routine. The only rest between each exercise is the time it takes to shift between them because there is no rest for the weary! Feel free to take a minute after the first circuit and then try and blast out one or two more. For all exercises exhale as you contract your muscles for a tighter contraction. For best six pack results do this before the rest of your workout of the day when the focus and energy is at its highest.

  • How to Get a Six Pack Exercise 1: Weighted Floor Crunches (12 to 20 repetitions) – For this exercise lie flat on the ground or a mat with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Grab a pair of dumbbells anywhere from 5 to 15 pounds in each hand. Extend your arms straight overhead (lying on your back). Keep those arms straight and crunch your abs trying to get your head and shoulders off the ground slightly. Pause at the top and lower slowly.
  • How to Get a Six Pack Exercise 2: Seated Jackknife Crunch (15 to 25 repetitions) – Sit sideways on a flat bench. Grasp the side of the bench with both hands and extend your legs straight in front of you as you lean back. Now crunch forward while drawing your knees towards your chest in a jackknife motion.
  • How to Get a Six Pack Exercise 3: Weighted Leg Lifts (12 to 15 repetitions) – Lie flat on the floor on your back. Take a medicine ball and place it between your feet (8 pounds is a good start). With knees unlocked, raise your feet towards the ceiling. Slowly lower your legs back down but stop before your feet touch and quickly bring the ball back up for one repetition.
  • How to Get a Six Pack Exercise 4: Machine Crunches (30 repetitions) – Use a lighter weight and go for the burn. Squeeze down hard and hold the contraction for a two count before going back up.
  • How to Get a Six Pack Exercise 5: Cable Side Crunches (12 to 15 repetitions) – Kneel down facing an overhead pulley machine equipped with a rope hand attachment. Grasp the handles with one hand and hold it near your ear. Now crunch your abs tightly while you twist slightly. Your elbow should travel down towards your groin. Switch hands to do the opposite side after completing all your reps on one side.
  • How to Get a Six Pack Exercise 6: Twisting Crunches (10 to 12 repetitions) – Lie flat on your back with knees bent and feet flat on the ground. With elbows out touch your hands to your ears. Crunch your abs to raise your shoulders off the ground. Hold this position and twist to the left to touch your right elbow to your left knee. Return to center and twist the opposite direction before returning to center. Then lower slowly to complete 1 repetition.

If you want to work your abs without working out, look into the Flex Belt. It allows you to strap it on and do whatever you want while the belt works your abs. You can read about my experience with the Flex Belt, here.

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