How to Forgive


It takes a lot of will power to forgive someone that we feel has wronged us. For some, it may feel like an impossible feat. However, a closer look at forgiveness reveals that it has the power to release and free the person that has been wronged, as well as pardon the guilty. This is why forgiveness is a value that most people fail to see clearly. Forgiveness is just as much for the person that has been wronged as it is for the person who did wrong.

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The Freedom in Letting Go
Forgiveness is the magic formula that unhinges us from the person who wronged us. When we hold a grudge against someone, we become connected to them. It is hard for us to truly get on with our lives as long as our thoughts and minds still rest negatively on someone else. Letting go of the emotional burden of holding a grudge is like taking a 100-pound weight off our backs. It allows us to walk a way free and clear with a spring in our step.
The Mechanics of Forgiveness
Most people mistakenly look at forgiveness as a restoration of a relationship or affiliation with someone. However, this is not necessarily true. Forgiveness only suggests that you have agreed to let the pain from the wrong doing go so that you can get on with your own life, nothing more. Although you can resume a friendship or affiliation, it is not a requirement. It is ok to forgive and still discontinue a relationship with someone. Forgiveness is actually quite simple. It is the uncomplicated act of letting go. It’s not packaging testing or anything complicated.
The Guilty One
Once forgiven, the guilty person in question can apologize and make amends. This doesn’t guarantee that a relationship will be restored on any level. It simply means that the guilty one has been pardoned and both parties are free to go their separate ways. If there was a legitimate friendship in place, forgiveness may make the friendship stronger and more meaningful. However, the guilty person should have enough grace to accept the possibility that the relationship may be discontinued or diminished in status if continued at all.
Forgiveness can be a hard concept to fathom, however, once you take a closer look, it has the capacity to set everyone free. It’s like releasing a huge burden that you have been carrying a long time. It restores that light hearted carefree spirit again. Just because you forgive someone does not mean that you owe them a relationship. You don’t. You can forgive and decide to move on with your life, minus the relationship if you choose.

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