How to Find the Right Fitness Gear For You


Fitness gear is a multi-million dollar industry around the world, and there are plenty of products from which to choose. However, there’s actually a lot of personalization available, and selecting workout gear that meets your own specific needs is essential. Whether it’s compression shorts designed to help your muscles work at their best or shoes designed specifically for the sport you want to play, there’ll be a workout kit for you. Here are some of the main types of exercise gear.



Perhaps other than lifting weights, most exercises involve your leg muscles – so it makes sense to keep them as tightly packed as possible for maximum injury prevention levels. Tommie Copper compression shorts are known for helping athletes achieve this aim: after all, Tommie Copper is a major brand with a global reach, so it makes sense. While it might seem silly or insignificant at first glance, it’s also a good idea to think about what to wear under your shorts. Copper compression underwear is a good move as it provides extra defense against upper leg injuries, especially for those who are doing exercises such as cycling.


When it comes to choosing a workout top, compression gear is again handy. However, it’s also wise to think about perspiration here. Choosing a top that is developed with a wicking fabric is a smart move as it means that you can keep yourself cooled down even when you’re working out hard. Don’t be tempted to sacrifice this, as enjoying the benefits of temperature control will pay rewards in the long run and keep you motivated.


If you’re walking, running or playing field sports as part of your exercise regime, then it’s probable that your shoe choice will be front and center in your mind. The type of shoe that you should pick depends entirely on the type of exercise. Trainers or running shoes, of course, are best for running. However, those who are hiking will need a sturdier shoe with studded soles in order to prevent slipping. Whatever your activity, it’s often best to try on different shoes in a physical store as that way you can ensure that you get a pair that matches your foot size perfectly. While casual or work shoes can often be a little bit too big or small without causing too much trouble, workout shoes need to be just right – or you could end up with blisters, broken toes or worse.

Finding the right workout gear can seem like a bit of a drag given that there are so many product options to wade through. However, it’s actually easier than you think: by considering your body shape, injury needs and sizes, it’s possible to eliminate products that don’t suit and find the ones that work for your needs. Using online stores to do this is a great choice as it means that you can rely on technology to do the filtering for you.

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