How To Find The Best Recovery Services For Substance Abuse


People who suffer from substance abuse are in dark places in their lives. For most of them, it can be quite hard to admit that they need help, and it can be even harder to find a place where they can feel safe to be vulnerable and start their recovery journey. Nonetheless, if you or someone you know have decided to look for a recovery clinic, know that you have already made the first step towards overcoming this problem. There are just a few things that you need to consider when looking for a recovery facility.

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Look for a wide range of programs

A good recovery clinic should provide different programs to suit the needs of different patients. Our recommendation would be to opt for Nexus Recovery Services, because they offer both full and part time programs, as well as an excellent aftercare program. The full-time program includes partial hospitalization and it is designed for patients that are just starting their recovery journey, but also for those who are constantly prone to relapsing.  Patients who are slightly more stable can opt for a part time intensive outpatient program, where they can benefit from full hospitalization services, scheduled in a way that still allows patients to participate to work, school or family activities. There is also a flexible outpatient program for patients who have less intensive needs. Last but not least, the aftercare program offers full support for the patients who are transitioning back to their communities. As a patient, your needs might change throughout your recovery journey, so it is important to choose a clinic with different programs suited for different stages of your recovery.

Diverse treatment options

Substance abuse manifests itself different for each individual and there is no single treatment that can suit all patients. A comprehensive list of treatments must include but should not be limited to: initial assessments, psychiatric care, individual therapy, family therapy, group therapy, case management, psycho-education, community involvement and much more. Holistic treatments such as yoga, dance and psychical education can also be very helpful for helping patients acquire mindfulness and serenity. Moreover, career counseling has also proven to be an efficient treatment tool, since career purposes can help patients find the motivation they need to build a better life for themselves. The treatment required for a patient often depends on the cause of the substance abuse. For example, a person depressed on account of a weight problem can turn to alcohol and drugs to forget their worries. Needless to say, aside from a recovery treatment, such a person would also require nutritional help to deal with the problems that turned them into addicts in the first place.

Modern facilities

A strong will can be everything that a patient needs to overcome their addiction. However, it can be easier to recover in a modern facility where you can feel safe and well cared for. Moreover, if you suffer from certain health problems, you will need to look for a facility with physicians that are capable to monitor your health throughout the recovery program. Furthermore, if you have mobility problems, look for a center that can accommodate your specific needs and provide you with all the support that you participate in all the steps of the program.


A former alcoholic can take years to feel like they have completely regained control over their life, even if they never relapse. As such, it is important to opt for a facility with a good aftercare program that keeps former alcoholics motivated, even after they finish the recovery program. Aftercare programs usually involve mentorship or guidance plans for other recovery patients. As a former addict, being able to help someone else get over their addiction can be a great way to start feeling strong again and keep yourself motivated to stay on the right tracks. Moreover, having frequent contact with recovering alcoholics is a great way to remind yourself of the bad places where your addiction took you.

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