How To Encourage Your Child To Stay Fit And Healthy


There are plenty of reasons why you need to ensure that your kids are physically active.

Taking up sports has a host of benefits such as teaching discipline and commitment, in addition to the health benefits. Because of this, you need to incorporate fitness into your baby’s daily routine for its role in your child’s physical and mental growth.

Kids Playing Safe

Exercise during a child’s formative years is paramount. Additionally, parents need to actively encourage their kids to take up sports and incorporate healthy eating habits in their daily routine.

Why Should Kids Take Up a Sport?

As of the year 2016, 41 million children 5 years old and under were overweight or obese according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

Parents need encourage kids to give the TVs, and smartphones a break, get out of the house and get active!

While keeping in mind that not every child is interested in sports, parents should consider participation in other activities such as ballet, aerobics or dance.

Ages 2-5

Kids Sandcastle

There are plenty of benefits gained by starting them off young. At this age, sport plays a vital role in helping them develop flexibility and coordination. For instance, throwing, kicking and catching a ball helps build their motor skills.

At this age, however, your child’s is not strong enough to be introduced to any sport in particular, as their balance and coordination are not yet fully developed.

Give them the freedom to run around and discover their physical abilities.

Ages 6-9

Kids Watersports

At this stage, your child’s agility and endurance need to be tested. The reason for this is that at around 6 – 9 years of age, they get a feel for sports, and begin to learn the vital skills that will help them excel later on.

Activities like playing on a slide, monkey bars and jungle gym all help your child develop vital motor skills. Playing frisbee or tag is not only good for muscle development, but it also aids quick thinking and quick movement.

Ages 10-13

Little League Baseball

Provide an array of choices for your child to choose from and let them find what they enjoy best. Encourage your child to try out different sports, not only to find the best one but also to harness the health benefits.

Focusing on a single sport at this age will quickly bore your child, as well as limit their development in as far as of the coordination and creativity are concerned.

Trying out different sports provides a healthy workout that builds coordination, endurance, strength, agility, speed, flexibility, and balance.

Ages 14-17

At this stage, your child is ready to take up his favorite sport. This point is where your child needs the most support from you as a parent. Let him make his own choices regarding his favorite sport, and resist the urge to force your child to take up a game just because you like it.

If your kid chooses baseball, for instance, ensure that he has the best youth baseball bat to get the job done, as per the new USABat standard.

Furthermore, make sure he learns everything there is to know about the sport by enrolling him in a local youth team.

Few Tips to Keep Your Child Healthy


Practice what you preach: Set a good example – show interest in sports and fitness by working out regularly and taking up any sport you enjoy. Also, avoid processed food and switch to healthy food instead. Expecting your child to take to sports and stay healthy, while you gorge on junk food and watch TV all day is not gonna happen.

Be committed: Once your child has picked a favorite sport, make time always to take them to practice sessions. Besides that, ensure they have the right uniform and equipment. The proper gear will help excel while assisting them in keeping safe.

Provide proper nutrition: Make sure that your child is eating the right food to help them keep up with the demands of the sport they choose. Keep them well hydrated by providing a sufficient amount of fluids during practice sessions and games. Besides keeping a good diet, your child should get enough time to rest between sets, as well as enough hours of sleep.

Walk the journey together: To further encourage your child, do things that keep you on top of what’s happening. Attend practice, get to know the coach, and learn the rules of the game. This will not only help you discover your child’s strengths and weaknesses, but they will appreciate your time and effort which will, in turn, build confidence and inspire remarkable performances.

Do not push, encourage: Cheer your child and his teammates on. Do not force him to become the best at anything, but instead encourage him to have fun. To help your child enjoy, let them know that winning isn’t everything. Also, teach them how to win gracefully as well as accept defeat.

Moreover, encourage them to take breaks from sports to avoid overuse injuries. For example, have your child take a break from pitching by buying a pitching machine from websites like TheBatNerds.

All things considered, engaging in regular physical activity will keep your child healthy and teach vital life skills.

Provide the support your child needs, and they’ll undoubtedly grow into healthy, confident, and independent individuals.

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