How To Dunk A Basketball (Or Just Jump Higher)


How to dunk a basketball or just jump higherHave you ever blamed your height because of your inability to be able to dunk a basketball? Well, if you have, you have been lying to yourself. Read on to let me explain why this is true. First off, yes, people who are taller have a better chance of being able to dunk a basketball, but a lot of what is left out in common belief is how strong your leg muscle are. Jumping to dunk a basketball has a lot to do with your legs and how high they are able to push you up. The more strength the muscles in your legs have, the better the chances are to be able to jump higher. But you shouldn’t just focus on your legs alone, because working out your entire body is important. If you only workout your legs then your legs would be disproportionate to the rest of your body and you would be easily susceptible to injury.

To make the process of being able to dunk a basketball, I have broken down what you need to do to make it easier and less confusing. These components will help you dramatically increase your jump and will make you much more successful in learning how to dunk a basketball.

How to Dunk a Basketball

If you don’t exercise you won’t be able to build muscle. But exercise isn’t the only thing vital to your success, which you’ll find out below. The muscles you need to exercise if you want to increase your jump height are your quadriceps, calves, and your hamstrings. These are the muscles that help you bring your body into motion and up into the air. One of the best exercises that works out all of these muscles at the same time is the barbell squat. Just performing a couple sets of barbell squats on a weekly basis will increase your muscle in your legs fast.You should also perform other exercises, such as leg extensions and calve raises, to better isolate each muscle group in your legs.

Diet: You may not think of it, but your diet has a lot to do with how high you jump. Eating the right foods will help you to better develop your leg muscle. The foods you eat also give you energy and the ability to move faster and jump higher. So try eating a diet that has a lot of protein to help repair your muscles after you exercises them and to also give you energy to power through your workouts. Try to avoid foods that contain simple carbohydrates because these types of foods contain a lot of added sugar, which will effect your results.

Motivation: The last thing that you need is the motivation to actually want to be able to dunk a basketball. If you don’t want it bad enough to consistently workout and eat the right diet then you won’t succeed, period. It is only when you do as much as you can day in and day out when you achieve your goals. Try to picture your vertical jump goal everyday. This will help you to focus.

With these simple steps you can ultimately increase your vertical jump and learn how to dunk a basketball. But just make sure you understand that it will take a lot of work and you may want to give up at times, but you need to push through and overcome.

To learn more tips on how to be able to dunk a basketball, check out this site. You can learn everything about jumping higher and what it will take to achieve your goal that you give yourself.

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