How To Do A Complete Beginner Workout Program In Four Weeks


If you hire a beginner workout personal trainer, most will recommend an almost normal three-month program. However, if there is an equally effective program taking a shorter time, why not take it? Most people get discouraged somewhere along the way when using the normal long program and never see the end results. According to HGH & Peptides – experts, after a 4-week program together with the right anabolic steroid supplements, the results will be amazing. So this publication will look at how any beginner can achieve this.

What will one achieve?

While the beginner will not be required to go nuts dong this all day or get injuries, it is worth it to mention that it is a tough process. One thing for sure is that it will not give the person time to think of giving up particularly if one uses an experienced trainer.


Additionally, one will have a shorter period to see results rather than wait for three months. As much as it is referred to as a beginner’s guide, it is also convenient for other people who have been at the gym for some time. Below is how to go about it.

Week one: Full body affair

Just like a warm-up to a big race or sport, week one will take focus on all body parts, joints and muscles. It will involve doing only one exercise on each muscle group until all are exercised. Then one can repeat the sets for up to three times with breaks in between the sets. Additionally, it is crucial to alternate the days to allow the body to rest. This will, therefore, allow each muscle group to have a total of nine sets by the end of the week.

Example of one-day exercises

  •         3 sets of dumb bell press each 10 reps
  •         3 sets of leg press each 10 reps
  •         3 sets of barbell bicep curls each 8 reps
  •         3 sets of crunch each 15 reps

Week two: Split affair

Now that the whole body is exercised over the last one week, it is time to split it into two. One part will take its day, and thus the whole body will be completed in two days following each other. A Day rest in between after the two days is crucial.

Example of one day exercise for upper body

  •         3 sets of barbell press each 10 reps
  •         3 sets of barbell bent-over row each 10 reps
  •         3 sets of bicep curls each 10 reps
  •         3 sets of rope press down each 10 reps

Week three: three split affair

Now, this will take three consecutive days and a break to complete the whole body which is divided into three muscle groups.

  •         Day one: will focus on triceps, chest, and shoulder muscle groups.
  •         Day two: will focus on abs, back, and biceps muscle groups.
  •         Day three: will focus on lower body.

Week four: Multiplication of volume affair

Having done all the muscles with the necessary workouts, week four takes the pro approach which is used by experienced bodybuilders. It is called the four days split where all body muscle groups are exercised one day in a week except the abs and calves which take two days.

Following the above schedule will help you achieve any dream of becoming an experienced bodybuilder in four weeks rather than the usual twelve weeks.

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