How Stress Can Impact Oral Health


oral healthWhen we are having toothaches the pain is actually the least of our concerns, especially after trying the various toothache remedies. In fact, pain is good because it tells us that some part of the body is not functioning well and there is a need to intervene to maintain health. Oral health is still the best way to fight off tooth decay that can cause unhealthy conditions. It has been said that every cell in our bodies are interconnected. Even our teeth have a vital role to play in overall wellness. It has been largely documented that poor oral health habits could impact heart health. It will no longer be surprising how tooth infections can severely impact even mental health. Read on to know how your poor oral health can actually make you a little loony if not getting a sure ticket to the loony bin.
Stress can lead to bad oral health

A study published by the Journal of Periodontology revealed that lowering stress levels could lead to healthier teeth and gums. The culprit is the stress hormone cortisol. Researchers believe that cortisol has an important role to play in the development of periodontal diseases and mental health. In the July 2007 issue of the journal, increased levels of cortisol can increase the incidence of destruction in the gums and jaw bone. Periodontal diseases when left unabated could lead to tooth loss or bone loss. The research is telling people to lower stress levels as a way to build better oral health.

Being angry can lead to a bad smile

In a study made by Harvard University showed that men who were angry on a daily basis have a higher risk of developing oral diseases compared to calmer men. The findings was the result of a survey of about 42,500 professionals from the health industry where 60 percent are dentists, 20 percent are veterinarians and the rest were optometrists, podiatrists, osteopathic physicians and pharmacists. When the study started, none of the participants had oral health problems. However, in the next four years, a little over a thousand of the participants reportedly had at least one episode of gum disease. Periodontitis is the leading disease reported which is the main cause of adulthood tooth loss. Men that were angry on a daily basis are 43 percent at risk of gum disease. Men that scored high on anger scores were 72 percent likely to have gum problems.

A friend can give you better smile

The same study conducted by Harvard University apparently shows that men that had at least one close friend lowered the risk of having gum disease by 30 percent compared to men that had no close friends. At the same time more religious men are 27 percent less likely to get any adverse oral health issues compared to less religious people.

Stress can lead to sugary food eating binge

One of the leading causes of tooth decay is too much sugar. People tend to eat a lot of “comfort food” which are mostly fatty and sugary foods. This, according to dentists could also contribute to bad oral health.

People should be able to develop stress and anxiety coping skills in order to survive in this modern world. Start getting a healthy group of people to stay with you and keep your mood up. Having people around as a solid support system will keep you mentally healthy and experience a boost of the immune system. Thus, you will be able to spare yourself from the adverse effects of oral health issues.

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