How Lysine Benefits Anxiety Sufferers


lysineAre you suffering from anxiety? If you do, then there is good news. A 2007 study in Japan revealed that lysine has shown to be effective in lowering anxiety levels. This is welcome news considering that lysine is natural and would not be as harmful compared to synthetic anti-anxiety drugs. Let us find out how lysine can help you become happier and calmer.

Lysine Benefits Anxiety Sufferers

Increasing the GABA

GABA is a chemical that is produced by glutamine in the body. This chemical reaction would not be possible without lysine. That is why it is important to have lots of lysine in the body. Sadly, the body cannot produce lysine on its own. The body derives its source of lysine from the foods that we eat. Lysine is an essential amino acid which can be consumed by eating foods that are rich in lysine such as chicken, turkey and tuna fish.

Lowers benzodiazepine need

Benzodiazepine or commonly known as benzo is one of the most popular anti-anxiety drugs that is available in the market today. It is effective in treating not only anxiety but a host of other disorders such as insomnia, panic disorder, seizures and generalized anxiety disorder. There are some anxiety sufferers who reported that they are taking 90 percent less benzo after taking lysine.

It works on males

Sadly, cortisol reduction with the use of lysine has shown to be reduced in males but not in women. That is why there should be further study that explains why the effects of lysine as ananxietybuster work well for males but not as much on women. Taking about 2.64 grams of the amino acid has shown significant results on males that were suffering from mental anxiety and stress.

It can lower anxiogenic response

lysine and anxietyDiets that are fortified with lysine have shown to be effective in controlling the plasma cortisol and anxiogenic response in some people. This shows the wide range of anti-anxiety benefits of lysine in humans. People who are having bouts with anxiety apparently experienced reduced symptoms and were made calmer after being given diet rich in lysine.

It has no side effects

The good thing about reduction of the use of anti-anxiety drugs is less side effects. Lysine has no known side effect which is something other anti-anxiety medications cannot boast off. The US Food and Drug Administration recommends having 103mg of lysine per kilogram for newborns to four months. Children from five months to two years should have no more than 69 mg lysine per kilogram of body weight. Children from three to 12 years should have no more than 44 mg of lysine per kilogram of body weight and adults should have 12 mg lysine per kilogram.

A combination of lysine and arginine has normalized cortisol levels in humans which is one of the ways to treat anxiety. This is great news for humans that have been suffering from chronic anxiety which if left untreated could develop into more serious mental health issues such as development of depression. Before you decide to take any Phentermine prescription medications, try all natural means first of conquering your anxiety and depression. Always remember that your daily diet must have several other nutrients aside from lysine so you can be on your way towards being healthy against anxiety and depression. It is also equally important to note that healthy diet must be coupled with exercise. Consult your doctor and a fitness expert before starting any exercise regimen.

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