How Healthy Is Your Brain?


You may exercise your body to keep it healthy and strong, but what about your brain? What exercise do you do to keep your brain sharp?

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Advancements in medical technology and radiology are revealing interesting insights about the amazing capabilities of our brain. That’s why it’s important to consider brain health now so your brain stays healthy as you age.

If you haven’t thought much about brain health before, here’s what you need to know about this vital organ.

What Is Brain Health?

Brain health is key to your overall health. As you age, your brain will change. This is completely natural and normal. But your brain’s mission remains the same.

Brain’s Mission: to oversee your daily tasks and make sense of the world around you.

Great brain health refers to your ability to learn, play, remember, concentrate, and keep a clear, active mind. It enables you to process information and logic while having clear judgment, perspective, and wisdom based onyour experiences.

It’s important to focus on keeping your brain healthy now just like you take care of your body through exercise and good nutrition. Taking great care of your brain can enhance your life and protect you against memory issues as you age.

Key Facts About Your Brain

Just how important is your brain? Consider these interesting brain facts.

  • A lack of oxygen to the brain for 5 to 10 minutes results in permanent brain damage.
  • The brain controls the bodily functions of all your other organs.
  • Your brain continues to develop until your late 40s.
  • Each time you form a memory, new brain connectors develop.
  • Your brain taps into 20% of the total oxygen and blood in your body.
  • 60% of your brain is fat. Excessive dieting could have negative effects on your brain.
  • Sleep deprivation impairs judgment and slows reaction time.
  • When you learn something new, the structure of your brain changes.

How to Keep Your Brain Sharp

So, how can we keep our brains active and alert? The following are a few tricks to exercise this important organ.

Move Your Body

The good news is, exercise for your body is also exercise for your brain! Take evening walks or seek out physical activities you love to get your heart pumping for 30 minutes most days of the week.

Get Some Sleep

Your brain needs rest to keep it performing at its highest level. Aim for seven to eight hours of sleep per night to reap the most benefits.

Learn New Tricks

Learning new things engages your brain. Pursue a new hobby such as learning a new language, dancing, taking a new college course, reading, doing art, or writing. Keep your brain fresh and engaged through new activities.

Keep Your Blood Pressure Under Control

High blood pressure can be harmful to your brain. Know your blood pressure and keep it under control.

Healthy Fuel

Eat lots of fresh green veggies, blueberries, strawberries, omega 3s, and healthy fats found in salmon as fuel for your brain.

Now it’s your turn. What can you start doing today to keep your brain active and strong?

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