How Exercise Can Help in Anger Management


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Most people think that exercise makes you fitter and healthier. What people don’t know is that exercise, health and fitness also have a positive impact in managing anger, stress and anxiety. Yes, people that indulge in an active lifestyle can easily improve their mental health and mood which has a direct impact on the mechanics of anger management. Does exercise holds the key for you to become less angry? Let’s find out.

How does exercise affect moods?

For decades, researchers have been searching for a link between moods and fitness. It is widely believed that physical activity can impact how we manage anger. However, there is no extensive scientific study on the link between exercise and good mood. What we know is that walking on a treadmill, running, biking and other fitness programs are able to elevate the mood of people and combat depression. A lot of experts also claim that it is when people indulge in an exercise regimen that their body becomes capable of releasing feel good hormones.

Can a work out diffuse a short fuse?

How about anger? Can an active lifestyle diffuse people with short fuse? A study that was published in the National Institute of Biotechnology Information provided startling results yet quite open for interpretation. Students from the University of Georgia were made to see slides over a period of time. The study showed that students that did not have any physical activity were angrier than those who had some exercise. This demonstrates that exercise can reduce buildup of anger. This is so true especially if you are exercising with a fitness buddy or with a group. Being in a company of equally health conscious individuals will help lighten up your mood and make it easier for you to set aside your feelings of anger.

How does exercise help you with anger?

Prominent psychologist Vicki Schutt in her book “How to Effectively Control Your Anger” mentioned that exercise gives people an opportunity to channel their emotions especially when they feel that they can’t take the situation anymore. The actual mechanics on how anger is being blunted by exercise remains a mystery to scientists. The best theory centers on serotonin levels in the brain. Serotonin is a chemical known to be responsible for regulating the behavior of the brain which can be very helpful for people who have great tendencies towards aggression.

Can physical exercise alter the state of consciousness?

Physical exercise can, theoretically alter the state of consciousness. The deep breathing patterns being done in steady-rate exercises such as running or biking allows the brain to be calmer. It mimics the breathing exercises being done in meditation which has a sedative effect on the brain. This is the reason why runners have reported to feel a certain kind of high after a great run.

Can exercise really help your muscles relax?

Aside from the relaxing effects of breathing, exercise can also help the body relax better. Most of us turn to massage to relieve our bodies from stress and anxiety and get that calming effect. Exercise can also provide us with that same feeling. During exercise most of the muscles contract, this is done in order for muscles to release energy stored. This will then allow the muscles to revert back to their natural state and give a feeling of relaxation.

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