How Can I Cultivate An Authentic Lifestyle?


These days, the term “authenticity” has become prevalent within discourse regarding holistic health. While this reality could mean many things, it’s safe to say that many people are realizing that being holistically healthy involves moving beyond modes of being marked by detachment from others or letting oneself be defined in terms of personal possessions, social mobility, the ability to impress others, etc. Cultivating an authentic lifestyle is conducive to holistic health in many ways, one of which is that it involves profound, sustained self-inquiries that entail more understanding regarding things like one’s personal values and what type of life needs to be created so that the individual can conform to the chosen value system. If you’re interested in cultivating an authentic lifestyle so that you can attain and maintain health in your mind, body, and spirit, this is the quick reference guide for you. Read on to learn about tips you can implement to start leading a life marked by authenticity:

1. Meditate Every Morning.

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One of the most effective ways to begin cultivating an authentic lifestyle is by meditating every morning. This strategy is effective because it enables you to subject your own thought life to surveillance. Specifically, you’ll be able to examine the thoughts that are running through your head and subsequently determine whether these ideas and cognitive processes are conducive to health, authenticity, and the type of personhood that you’re attempting to cultivate. In many cases, people find that their mental life is cluttered with song lyrics, meaningless conversations, and other word patterns that are diametrically opposed to their value system. Once you recognize the role that cultural ideologies and thought systems may play in shaping your psyche and behaviors, you can begin making changes that empower you to develop the type of thought life that leads to actions and attitudes which parallel your preferred manner of being, knowing, thinking, and doing.

2. Find Communities That Are Predicated On Real Connection.

While intense self-inquiry and solitude play a key role in helping individuals develop a sense of who they are, know that the process of becoming and remaining authentic is elevated when you do it within a community of people whose values parallel your own. Luckily, there are hundreds and hundreds of these communities across the globe. Whether you develop authentic community and connection with others via internet, at a local gym, or by attending monthly meetings in a different state, the key is to continually communicate and build relationships with people who place great value on things like holistic health and the deemphasization of material goods as a means through which to define and stratify value.

One community of authenticity you may want to consider joining is ECO. Founder Ilchi Lee created this community based on the principle that the world needs to be redirected towards sustainability and peace. Ilchi Lee has developed training facilities and organized community action to facilitate these outcomes, and his system of thought is predicated upon individuals recognizing that they are citizens of the Earth rather than defining themselves in context of a national identity.


If you’ve recently realized that your life is a sham or simply know that becoming more and more transparent will empower you to lead a more authentic life, now is the time to make lifestyle changes. Use the tips found in this quick reference guide to get on the road to authentic, healthy living!

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