Homegrown Happiness – 5 Fun Activities To Brighten Your Day When You’re Stuck At Home


Home is where the heart is… until you’re stuck at home. Then it can rapidly switch to feeling frustrating and less than heart-warming. Find a sense of peace in your own environment again by making it a safe space to grow your skills or develop your creativity. Take part in a few new activities to keep busy and brighten your day. You never know, you might discover a hidden talent you didn’t know you had! 

  1. Join An Online Cooking Course

If you have some beautiful cookware you never really use, why not upgrade your skills to match? Within days, you could be creating 5-star meals that will earn you a reputation as the family’s food guru. Online cooking sessions can be interactive, super-fun, and educational. They’re often filled with good humor that will have you ready to book a second-round simply because you enjoyed it so much. The newly acquired skills you’ll have in the kitchen? A wonderful added bonus. 

woman cooking using app

  1. Get In The Garden

If you have a garden, one of the most effective ways to keep busy, beautify your home, and lift your mood is by getting out there and getting dirty! The microbes in soil are proven to help relieve depression, and planting flowers in the garden nourishes your soul. 

No garden? No problem. Indoor gardening is becoming a popular hobby for people who only have space indoors. Keeping houseplants gives you improved air quality and a vibrant home filled with life. 

  1. Try Some New Arts And Crafts

There are many wonderful platforms that offer free art and craft lessons you can attend virtually. Learn to sew, create jewelry, take drawing or painting classes, try bookbinding, or even crocheting. One of the most popular platforms for this is CreativeBug

Not all of their services are free, but there is a free trial period to get you started while you decide whether or not to continue with a subscription. The idea is to acquire a new skill and then continue on your own at home. 

  1. Enjoy A Virtual Tour

Fancy a trip to the museum to see some dinosaur fossils? How about visiting the aquarium or going to the zoo? There are so many great virtual tours you can enjoy from your couch at home. Some of the most popular include the San Diego Zoo, The Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, a guided tour through a volcano in Hawaii, and a view of our solar system with a planetary tour. 

All of these platforms offer free virtual tours that are informative, entertaining, and sometimes fully interactive. The bonus? They’re suitable for the whole family.  

  1. Stretch The Blues Away With An Online Yoga Class

DoYogaWithMe is one example of a platform that offers free online yoga classes. It allows you to get all of the benefits of yoga without ever leaving the comfort of your own home. 

What are these benefits? You can look forward to improved muscle tone, better core strength, full-body strength, increased flexibility, and of course the mental benefits: reduced stress and anxiety levels, and improved sleep, concentration, and overall mental happiness. 

All you need is an outfit that offers a full range of movement and some free space in your home that enables you to stretch out without bumping into anything.

Keeping busy at home gives you the opportunity to flex your creativity. If you’re not creative, you can stay entertained while you improve your knowledge with virtual tours. Either way, these activities will keep you fulfilled and help you develop skills you can be proud of.

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