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You don’t want chemicals that can cause birth defects, cancer, respiratory distress, and environmental problems in your home, and if ingredient labels were forthcoming, avoiding these products would be easy. Unfortunately, many everyday household cleaners contain phthalates, ammonia, chlorine, and more — all of which are chemicals that have been proven to be harmful to humans and animals. What’s worse, you might not find these chemicals on ingredients lists.

When you want to buy greener products, you’ll need to do extra research. You’re not alone in wanting sustainable, safe products for your household, though. Almost three in four global respondents in a Nielsen survey said that they used just soap and water, a much safer alternative to these chemical-rich products, for household cleaning. More and more companies are making an effort to offer the products consumers want to use, too. Amway, for example, offered its first original product in 1959. That product was a biodegradable, organic cleaner. Since then, Amway has focused on sustainability and healthy living, something that many consumers value.

Start researching the products you have in your home today. Eco-friendly alternatives exist, as do recipes for making your own cleaners. The best way of showing the household product industry that sustainability and health are your priorities is to vote with your dollars. Check out the following infographic for more information on harmful chemicals and how you can avoid them.


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