Healthy Snacks to Pair with Football


guacamole recipeYou will not find a person who has been never eaten while watching TV, especially if we are talking about football. Every enthusiastic football fan thinks that it’s his duty to watch every football game of his or her favorite team. And of course one of the essential component of watching football is eating junk food, but there are healthy snacks to pair with football.

Chips and Beer are Not Always Dear

When choosing something to eat during a football game, people usually prefer something crispy, salty and light. Yes, we are talking of our old and dear friends, potato chips. We are involved in the game, we are watching every step of our beloved football player, our hand is reaching for other chips and several minutes later the whole package of chips vanishes! We don’t have the feeling of eating something; it’s just a habitual action, like the part of some invisible process. We can’t even imagine how unhealthy our food is. For us, eating the package of chips doesn’t seem dangerous. Meanwhile, together with our favorite snacks our body gets an overflow of calories instead of nutritional value. Thus we are putting on weight, which may lead to problems with metabolism and even diabetes.

It’s Fancy to Be Health

Today, more and more of us are making huge efforts to stay fit, to preserve our beauty and health. Today it’s really very important to be healthy and it’s time for big changes! Imagine how unusual a football game would be if you got rid of chips and beer!

You might be extremely surprised if someone offers you an alternative menu for watching football match. Well, it’s time to be surprised! First of all let’s get rid of chips and beer! Any doctor would say that the healthiest snacks are those which rich in fiber. The best decision for healthy snacks for football fans are nuts, dried fruits, and crackers.

For football fans looking for something heartier, try a cheese, lettuce and tomato sandwich on a crisp slice of whole grain bread. Crispy loafs of bread are “light” in every sense of this word. They are rather cheap and your stomach will say thank you for a feeling of lightness . Moreover, crispy loafs of bread easily satisfy hunger. The best loafs of bread are those made of whole grains. You can even top it with fresh guacamole for the big game.

But what shall we do with the most popular drink of our times, without which it’s impossible to imagine a football game? Yes, we are talking about beer! The best alternative for beer is juice or simple mineral water. These two drinks can satisfy thirst more effectively than beer.

With these simple steps, it’s possible to enjoy football and become healthier too!

About the author: Paul Smith is a professional writer who gives immediate personal assistance. In his spare time, Paul writes articles to blogs related to the topics of lifestyle, business, health and lots of others.

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