The Best Diets for Healthy Skin


Best diets for healthy skinHealthy skin is often the reflection of  overall good health. While some people resort to surgical treatments and “miracle creams,” nature offers a flavorful range of foods that can help you improve your skin complexion and your overall health.

WaterGlass of Water

It is estimated that more than 75 percent of the population in America is chronically dehydrated, and things do not look too encouraging on the other side of the Atlantic either. Chronic dehydration causes premature wrinkles and dull-looking skin, in addition to other more serious health problems.

Nutritionists recommend that we drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. An adequate water intake helps flush out toxins and plump up the skin, making us look naturally younger and giving us healthy skin.

It is important to note that you do not have to stick to plain water. Unlike coffee, tea can contribute to keeping your skin hydrated. This is particularly true of green tea, which is packed with the antioxidants needed to prevent premature ageing. Peppermint, ginseng, and lemongrass teas are good alternatives.


Even though we at BerryRipe don’t support the consumption of fish or meat, Salmon is often praised by many for its large content of omega-3 acids, which are key in the prevention of heart disease. However, the omega-3s contained in salmon also have excellent nourishing properties that can easily be reflected in your skin. Some say that for a real healthy skin boost, you should try a simple grilled salmon recipe with a stir-fry of watercress, spinach, and almond, which are also great sources of skin nutrients.


oatsOats work from the inside out and act as an extraordinary natural moisturiser for healthy skin. There is no better way to start the day than having a porridge made with soya milk, oats, pumpkin seeds, and berries. All these ingredients are known for being great complexion enhancers. For a comforting autumn weekend breakfast, you could also try an oat and pumpkin pie. Just cook the oats as usual and then add pumpkin puree, apple sauce, honey, your favourite nuts, and some ground cinnamon.


Sometimes called “nature’s butter”, avocados have fantastic nourishing and moisturising properties, and are packed with antioxidants that help with dry skin problems. Avocados can be added to salads to make them more filling. Why not try a raw avocado, prawn and watermelon salad for lunch? Avocado and smoked salmon sandwiches on rye bread are another easy and healthy lunch option.

When it comes to achieving radiant, healthy skin, you don’t need to look further than your kitchen cupboard. A glowing skin is now possible in a cheap, effective, and flavourful way!

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