Healthy Fitness: Are You Taking the Necessary Supplements to Keep Your Body Moving?

A shot of vitamin and medicines on a fork

Health is all important towards happiness. People worldwide are learning now more than ever just how important each small area can be. Exercise, a varied and nutritious diet, and rest & relaxation all form vital elements of our overall health. With good performances in each area we stay healthy and free of illness. At the same time we boost our performance and the potential of our minds and bodies.

The above areas are all important, but you can boost your performance beyond the ordinary by using supplements too. Remember it’s always a good idea to check the FDA status of supplements if you are a tested athlete! Now, let’s take a look at some which could help you take it to the next level!


One of the first supplements people hear about and are recommended is creatine. That and protein of course. Creatine has been proven to enhance your ability to continue lifting heavy weights for longer time periods – basically giving you more reps. This is because your body uses something called ATP for short, intense bursts such as lifting a heavy weight. There’s a limited amount of it though, and it takes a while to recover. This is why it’s recommended to rest longer (2-5 mins) when working heavy strength sets.

Your body can speed the ATP process up if it has a large quantity of creatine readily available. Creatine isn’t really easy to get through a natural diet without consuming enormous amounts of meat and fish, so a supplement is a much better way to do it.



A very basic one yet potentially essential. In today’s world it can be difficult to get a balanced diet, with everything being so rushed and busy. Plus some people need to eat quite a limited diet for competition reasons. Unfortunately, without ALL of the needed vitamins & minerals, your body can’t work efficiently. It can’t repair, grow and will be lethargic. A simple multi-vitamin can fix this easily!


As we said, the first and biggest two are always creatine and protein. If you want to grow muscle, you have to have protein to form it from. Whey protein is the popular choice as it absorbs quickly, so taking one post-workout gives fantastic results. Topping up your protein in this way gives quicker and better repair, so you can work harder overall as well and further improve your gains.


Pre-workouts are a varied area. They use a variety of ingredients and each one might work a little differently for each person. Because of that, it’s up for debate what the best pre workout actually is. What isn’t up for debate is how effective they can be.

Often using a combination of ingredients, such as caffeine, a pre-workout boosts your energy and alertness. It also increases blood flow through-out your body. The effect is like being dialed into “the zone”, so you can absolutely smash your workout every time. Some users report being able to increase their PB after the first use, and continue on from there.

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