Health Benefits Obtained From Vegetables You May Not Be Aware Of


fruits and veggiesVegetables are recommended by absolutely all nutritionists. You surely heard this many times till now. The problem is that most people do not actually know that much about vegetables. They just know that they are great for the body but why is that?

We can talk a lot about vegetables and the associated health benefits. We can even say that there are some that are preferred by martial artists to improve the quality of their Qi. Instead of focusing on really abstract and not well-known facts, let us focus on some facts that should be of high importance for every single person out there.

For starters, let us consider a vegetable that few people eat: asparagus. It includes a lot of antioxidants, being among the richest foods in terms of antioxidant content. Antioxidants are important as they can protect the cells of your body from the negative effects of free radicals. You would get a really good dosage of folate that can prevent cognitive impairment. One study highlighted the fact that adults ended up with better results on tests measuring mental flexibility and response speed when their body’s levels of folate was proper. The only problem with folate is that there is also a need to have B-12 intake increased since this is what aids in the absorption of folate.

Remember that really bright vegetables stand out as being the healthiest. This does include white and brings us to the cauliflower. This is a vegetable that includes sulforaphane, a photonutrient. Sulforaphane will sweep toxins and will improve the cells in your body. It even helps in keeping them from becoming cancerous. Tumors end up being prevented before they even begin. Cauliflower is particularly useful for maintaining proper prostate or breast health. You can consume it raw and even eat it every single day, although few people are going to actually do that.

Potatoes are really common as a side dish and we often use this vegetable in our menu. This is something we do tend to love but do you know the health benefits that are associated with potatoes?

Potatoes include really good quantities of folate, calcium, vitamin A and Vitamin C. Besides that, there is also a good dosage of potassium present. The only problem with potatoes is that white ones will be really high on glycemic index. Sweet potatoes are actually recommended because of that. Potassium is important for the human body since it will alleviate muscle tension and cramps. Vitamin A is present in a really good quantity in potatoes, with one cup offering 700% of the daily dosage a human requires.

The vegetables that were mentioned above are just some of those that can be consumed on a daily basis and they are quite common in the modern kitchen. You do not need to become a vegetarian in order to consume what is needed. Just add vegetables to your dishes as a side treat or as a main dish. It is not difficult to gain health benefits associated with vegetables.

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