Health Benefits of Ionized Alkaline Water


alkaline drinking waterHave you ever noticed how acidic you feel some days? Did you know that many of the foods that are eaten every day are actually acidic to the human body? As a general rule, the faster or more preserved a food item is, the more acidic it is going to be. To balance out the conveniences of modern life, ionized alkaline water can help to regulate your health and provide you with a number of health benefits.

Here’s how alkaline water works to improve your overall health:

Alkaline water helps to fight tooth decay. The reason why ionized alkaline water can help to keep your teeth healthy and strong is because the diets that many people eat are highly acidic. Because the alkaline water has a pH level that is greater than 7, it will work to wash out the trapped acidic foods that are in your mouth and balance out the pH in and around your teeth, preventing enamel decay because of the removal of the acids.

Alkaline water can help to prevent bone loss. To make their bodies more alkaline, a lot of people will actually hurt themselves in different ways without realizing it. A constant diet of alkaline foods actually creates bone density issues because the body takes missing minerals out of the bones. Alkaline water contains many of these needed minerals and will supplement an alkaline diet effectively, thus preventing the body from leeching bone minerals into your body.

Alkaline water can help with kidney disorders. Though to be fair, almost any pure form of water taken in greater quantities can help kidney disorders because you’re increasing the amount of fluid in your body. Alkaline water is often the best option, however, because of the unique nature of it having a pH higher than 7. It is thought that because the pH water levels are higher, the water has the ability to better replenish lost moisture within each cell. This lessens the strain the kidneys have in filtering out the impurities in your blood.

Alkaline water can help to slow the aging process. One of the more controversial claims of alkaline water supporters is that it can slow down the aging process. The “aging process” and “aging” are two separate issues, however, and should not be mixed together. You will always age! What ionized alkaline water can do is combat the signs of aging, be proactive against premature aging, and ultimately help keep you more energetic because you’ve got less acidity within your system.

Alkaline water can help combat disease. Can a disease exist in an alkaline body? Research dating back to the 1930’s seems to say that it cannot. Though your body has many different pH levels – for example, your stomach is very acidic because of its tasks of digestion, what about the rest of your body? Alkaline water can help to raise pH levels and ultimately combat acidic-based diseases, such as gout, thanks to that consistently higher pH and increased moisture levels.

Do you enjoy drinking alkaline water? Did you know that by adding lemon or lime juice to a glass of water, you can make it be more alkaline? How have you benefited from consuming alkaline water on a consistent basis?

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