All About the HCG Injection


All About the HCG InjectionHCG that is Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is used extensively to control weight gain. Most common method of taking HCG is through subcutaneous or intramuscular injections. For those who have just started HCG Diet or going to have the first dose, the HCG injection may sound a bit scary! Self injection is more of mental block rather than a physical discomfort! However with few hygiene precautions and following a correct way to administer the injection, soon it’s going to be as easy as taking a shower or having a pill!

HCG Injection Preparation

1.      Decide on a time

First of all decide the time when you wish to administer the HCG injection. Deciding on one particular time of the day will help you not to miss or forget. To make it simpler, add it to a task that you do on daily basis like immediately after a shower or before the breakfast.

2.      Decide the area where to administer the injection

Since HCG injection is to be applied intra-muscular, you can only apply it on thighs, buttocks or hip area, abdomen or upper arm.  Upper arm and hip are a bit tricky one, when self injecting, so thigh or abdomen is more practical. If you decide abdomen, just make sure that you are one hand width away from the belly button and if you decide on thigh then measure one hand width upward from the knee and one hand width down from the top of the leg. Administer the injection on the front of the thigh since that’s the safest in terms of bruises and has lesser number of nerves.

3.      Ready the required supplies

Ready all your supplies that are required like the HCG vial, syringe, alcohol swabs and a puncture resistant container to dispose the syringe. Remember to wash your hands with soap properly before handling all the supplies!

Administration of HCG Injection

  1. Relax! Your hands will follow the brain only when you are calm and stress-free.
  2. Take the HCG vial and roll it between your palms. DO NOT shake. Clean it with an alcohol swab. Take out the syringe, pierce the vial and draw out the prescribed amount. There might be a bubble. To get rid of it, tap the syringe gently and the bubble will rise up. Gently push till a little drop of medication comes out. This will expel the air or bubble out.
  3. Now prep the injection site. Clean with the alcohol swab and wait for it to air dry.
  4. Now gather the tissue of the injection site between your thumb and forefinger. Remember not to pinch and gather the skin very lightly. Insert the syringe. Make sure that it’s just underneath the skin. You don’t need to go deeper than that or you will be too close to a blood vessel.  Inject by pushing the plunger until the whole dosage is injected. Hold for a couple of seconds. Place the alcohol swab over the needle and the spot. Pull out the needle and dispose the needle in the disposer. Rub the swab a little on the spot and you are done!

HCG Injection Precautions

  1. Always rotate the injection sites.
  2. If you have bleeding, apply a little pressure until it stops. If it doesn’t stop then you have gone too far and cut through a blood vessel. Take a doctor’s help.
  3. For tingling, redness and pain, apply ice.

If any of the above persists, consult a doctor and if you see any side effects of the hormone consult your dietitian.

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