Hangover Cures: Top 5 Ways to Ease a Hangover

Tired man waking up in the morning with headache.

hangover cures

Were you partying it up yesterday till the wee hours of the night? Maybe attending a mixology class in NYC or even spending the spring break week in the Caribbean? No worries, we’ve all been there. Perhaps you were out celebrating a special occasion like a birthday or a friend’s engagement.  Chances are, you may have ended up drinking too much for no reason in particular, but the bottom line is: waking up with a hangover is horrible. If you’re feeling a bit delicate today and have already begun telling yourself you never want to feel like this again, why not take a look at this handy guide to the top 5 hangover cures.

Hangover Cures #5: Headache Tablets

It may seem like a bit of a no-brainer, but headache tablets are genuinely one of the best things to take if you’re feeling a little rough after a night out. The horrible headache which accompanies a hangover is actually your brain pulling on the inside of your skull because it is dehydrated and shrunken. This might all sound a little bit gory, but headache tablets will go a long way to alleviating these symptoms. Not only will the tablets themselves act as a painkiller, but the chances are you will also see them off with a big glass of water, this is good because it will rehydrate you and you will start to feel better. If all else fails, try an inpatient detox in New York.

Hangover Cures #4: Orange Juice

There are a number of great reasons to drink orange juice when you’re hungover. First, if you’re having trouble shifting your sickness, the vitamin C in orange juice is vital to raising the metabolic rate of your liver, get some vitamin C will help speed your recovery time. Have you found yourself shaking during your hangover?  That’s likely because the alcohol you consumed last night depleted your body’s sugar levels.  The natural sugars in orange juice are a quick and easy way to raise your blood-sugar levels and rid your shakes.

Hangover Cures #3: Comfort Food

The worst thing to do when hungover is to not eat anything. When you drink too much alcohol, your body loses key nutrients and you need to replenish these minerals in the morning to give yourself any chance of feeling better. It doesn’t matter what your favorite food is, be it chicken sandwiches, tomato soup or a big cheeseburger.  As long as you get something into your system as quickly as possible, you will begin recovering.

Hangover Cures #2: VitaCoco

Vita Coco water as a hangover cure

VitaCoco Coconut Water rehydrates the body after a long night (or day) of filling your stomach with alcohol. It has 15 times the electrolytes of a standard sports drink and as much potassium as two bananas, so you’ll be back up and running in no time!

Hangover Cures #1: Sleep

The best things you can do for yourself if you’re feeling poorly after a night of libations is to get as much sleep as possible.  Sleep heals all, and if your headache is unbearable, catching a few Zs will provide you with some needed respite from your headache, stomach ache or any other severe hangover symptoms you may find yourself suffering from.

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    • Samuel
    • June 3, 2013

    The thing for me is all of these talk about how to handle a hangover. For me preventing it is the best, rather than dealing with it when I wake up. Try those things before you go to sleep. But not a pain killer obviously cause that could cause you to throw up in your sleep. Just drink a coconut water before you go to bed and also, drink regular water like at least 2 bottles of it while your drinking throughout the night. Take some vitamin b12 and eat some food before you go to sleep a long with the coconut water. You should be good.

    • SMD @ Life According to Steph
    • November 1, 2012

    I agree with all of these except OJ – it’s often too acidic for my stomach to handle.

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