Hair Loss – The Worst Wardrobe Malfunction and How to Fix it

Man clutching bald head, rear view

For a fashion conscious woman, hair loss is potentially disastrous, with an endless cycle of social events, and important business meetings to attend, the modern business woman cannot afford to have thin patches in her hair. Wigs have always been one solution, and many frantic females have resorted to wearing a hairpiece when their hair began to fall out. There could be many reasons why a person might suddenly experience hair loss, it could be genetic, or caused by a hormone imbalance, while a poor diet can also bring on hair loss. Whatever the reason for losing your hair, you no longer need to pull out your remaining hair in sheer frustration, as there are modern, non-surgical alternatives to wearing a wig.

hair loss

Hair Integration Systems

This is a relatively new idea, and involves the use of hair extensions, which are woven into the existing hair, thus combining the two, and with careful colour selection, no one would know you are wearing extensions. If you are suffering from hair loss, and are in the UK, there are online studios that specialise in non-surgical hair replacement for women, and with an innovative range of treatments, they can treat all forms of hair loss, effectively and affordably.

How Does it Work?

Whether it is partial or total hair loss, a hair integration system uses a fine mesh cap that is expertly fitted to the scalp, then hair extensions are woven in, until the affected area is covered. The benefits of this treatment are many, unlike a traditional hairpiece, it cannot be removed, and the person can lead a normal, active lifestyle. The technicians are skilled and the human hair extensions are carefully selected, and with how heat or adhesive used in the attachment process, it is safe and comfortable to wear.

Hair Regrowth

Wearing a wig would severely affect any new hair growth, and if the hair loss is temporary, the new hair will be seriously impeded. The hair integration device allows the new hair follicles to grow as normal, and when it comes to the time to remove the device, the technicians can do this is in no time at all. Typically, a device can be worn for three months, after which, it would require adjusting, and this is usually adequate time for the new hair to have grown to a suitable length.

Permanent Hair Loss

This can be caused by an accident or perhaps a burn, and wearing a hair integration system is the closest thing to having real hair. With regular adjustment, the wearer can lead a perfectly normal life, and wash and treat their hair without restriction. Whatever the cause, permanent hair loss can be very traumatic for a woman, and with the latest technology, there is finally a suitable solution that is long lasting and natural looking.

Every woman’s nightmare, hair loss can now be treated non-surgically with hair integration systems that use human hair extensions. By using a professional studio with a solid reputation in the hair extension field, you can once again feel confident about your appearance.

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