Four Tasty Foods That Are Acceptable Snacks


Staying healthy in today’s world can be a tricky task when there are so many delicious foods tempting people from every angle. From sweets to potato chips, you will never go a day without seeing at least one person eating them. When some foods taste so good, you can’t blame them, but you also know that if you were to indulge in too much of them, then your healthy lifestyle will be thrown off course. Yet, there are some foods which you might not think of as being healthy in moderate amounts as part of a balanced diet, but which can add a whole new dimension to your diet that means you won’t ever have to crave unhealthy treats again.


Chocolate is the first food some people think to cut out of their life when they are hoping to embark on a diet to lose weight. This is due to the high sugar and saturated fat content that these treats have. However, in small amounts, and regimented with a healthy diet and lifestyle, it can be a pleasant treat. Chocolate contains high levels of anti-oxidants and lowers cholesterol, which promote a healthy heart. It can also improve memory function. Try spicing up your chocolate stash by purchasing some exotic chocolate, which will help you add some variety to your diet.


Popcorn has long been seen as unhealthy thanks to the high amounts of sugar and butter you may be used to seeing on it at the cinema. However, if you make popcorn yourself at home, you can get high amounts of carbohydrates, protein, and fiber from just one serving. It helps that it has a low number of calories in it, so you don’t have to feel guilty about eating it. Some people are finding that it is a great alternative to potato chips when you add your favorite natural flavorings.

Sweet potato fries

Sweet potatoes are famed for being packed full of vitamins, anti-oxidants, and fiber, all of which promote a healthy body. In recent years, people have recognized that they are much healthier than their more common counterpart due to the high content of such goodness. For a light snack during the day, you can cut some sweet potato into long strips before placing on a baking tray and lightly covering in olive oil and seasoning. They will give you enough energy to sustain you until your next meal.

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Being full of fats and calories, people assume that cheese is the cause of many unhealthy diets. When it comes to processed cheese, this is true, but you can always buy some fresh cheese from your local store, which can sometimes be made with zero percent fat. Even so, having your favorite cheese in small amounts is a great way of getting calcium into your body. As a snack during the day, or an evening replacement to your usual dessert, you can indulge in cheese knowing you’ll be doing your body some good.

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