Foods to Stay Alert on Long Drives


When we think of car travel, we think of novelty, fun, and enjoyment. Then, when we’re on the road, we feel the F word: exhaustion. While the USA is all the more wonderful for its wide strips of area, staying focused on the road for time on end can be difficult. Is it worth the trip? Absolutely!

You plan and start your trip in your beautiful BMW X5 car. Your need a food during your trip that you don’t have to cook much. When you to stay on mid-way of your destination during daytime. Feels clouds coming and may be it will rain too. You fix your camp and cover your car with all-weather BMW X5 Car Cover, and start with your lunch or delicious food now to enjoy your trip in your long drive. Now what should you eat and what you should have bring with you in your long trip foods that make you star alert too.  Especially if you are eating healthier and keeping yourself, alert enough to enjoy it all. Here are some best foods and meals that will help you do that during your long drive trip.

These Foods Can Help You Stay Alert on Long, Drive

We requested a few professionals for their advice on the matter. Andrew Holeman, muscule car fanatic and manufacturer of NoviStretch efficiency safety covers, has made it his life’s work to study different ways to protect automobiles and their travelers during long drive trips. As someone who has driven around the world several time, he has a few beneficial recommendations. “Take lots of breaks,” he suggests; there are many good rest stops and destinations on the road, sometimes in the least likely locations. He also indicates paying attention to podcasts — if you haven’t took in to Sequential yet, do so (and consider coupling these cereal products with each episode) — and having interesting discussions.

Some of kinds, like chia seed, are quickly convenient, and you can add them to most anything, even water. Avoid Doritos and Cheetos; they will only unclean your car and sit irritatingly in your stomach. In addition, why negotiate for those treats when you have such delightful dining halls for local dishes, deep-fried chicken, and fish allocated throughout the country? Save your hunger for excellent, adoringly snakes, and meanwhile, use healthier treats to tide yourself over and keep alert.

Chia Seeds

chia seeds

Chia seed are pretty much the best  thing you can bring on the road with you, because not only do they keep you empowered, but they also moisturize you. “Chia seed process nine to 12 times their weight in water,” says nutritionist Tanya Zuckerbrot, due to their hydrophilic qualities. Instead of buying a sugar-heavy chia juice at the grocery store, just add a few chia seed to water and press some lime juice; this makes chia iskiate or fresca. The Aztecs thought chia seed could stay fighters for more than 24 hours.


Dark chocolate nibs contain a component called theobromine, which is a catalyst similar to, but less severe than, caffeinated beverages, so it makes for less of a crash. Ensure that you’re going for very chocolates, though; dairy chocolate contains a lot of glucose and will cause to a crash. Besides, eat candy moderately, it is a stuffing snack food, and you don’t want weighed-down feeling in your stomach.

Cold Rice Salad

This is yet another excellent way to use leftovers- if we are making pasta for supper one evening at our apartment, I will make an additional box of penne so that I have enough to provide as s a cool pasta healthier salad the next day. Some of my children like it were just a little bit of French dressing on a costume or a little olive oil mixed and other children like it with cool sesame dinner marinade, which I eat quickly using my mixer.

Cold Grilled Avocado Pieces

At home, we eat many scraps at lunchtime- so we will do the same while on the road! If I baked the grilled avocado the night before for my dinner, I will prepare avocado pieces and cut into strips and cold them over night. On the other hand, you can also purchase chicken strips for grill at any store. I can provide you the avocado during sitting under the camp with my delicious salad for lunch.

The Old Standby…

In addition, of course the old standby jelly and peanut butter will enhance the taste of lunch on my road trip! It is always favorite to my family. I hope you will enjoy all these dished in your road trips when you will be sitting all together under the camp enjoying with all family members in rainy atmosphere, while your BMW stayed covered with all-weather car covers, it would be unique and fascinated trip for you.

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