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Chinese Slaw: A Refreshing Vegan Recipe

This vegan Chinese slaw recipe is to die for! Every time I have taken this to our family dinner, it has been devoured. It is a fast and easy recipe to prepare and is great to take to a dinner party! Your friends will be raving about this Chinese slaw. Let’s get started! Tip: I like to make […]


No-Bake Vegan Protein Bars

Many people who embark on a lifestyle change can often become discouraged by adding too much too soon to their daily routine. A tried and true solution to that is to be innovative with the basics such as running, plyometrics and good old-fashioned cooking at home. A simple rule to remember is KEEP it simple. […]


Quinoa and Kale Pilaf with Caramalized Balsamic Onions and Peppers

Is there anything more versatile than quinoa? It’s healthy, filling, relatively affordable, and super-easy to make. In comparison to it’s grain counterparts such as wheat, quinoa is a richer source of protein, healthy fats, and a number of nutrients, most notably manganese and calcium. Best of all, it’s tasty with a wonderful nutty texture that […]

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