Fine dining at its best – Names of the 5 best restaurants in Salt Lake City


Until now, Salt Lake City might not be deemed as the international capital for dining — but it is home to many popular restaurants which are totally out of place as compared to other bigger cities like Chicago and New York. If you have visited Salt Lake City for your vacation, chances are high that you’ll be looking forward to know the fine dining options in Salt Lake City so that you could make exquisite plans for dinner with your friends and family.

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So, when you’re looking forward to having a fine dining experience, Salt Lake City is the place to be as they have the best places where you can not only have a memorable experience, but also keep revisiting time and again. Here are few of the best names.

#1: The Roof

Are you planning to go out for a romantic dinner date with your partner to make her birthday special? If yes, visit The Roof which is one of the finest restaurants in SLC. The Roof will offer you a splendid view of the Salt Lake Temple and when you book the place for dinner, you’ll reap the added experience of the lights of temple which illuminate through the glass windows of this popular roof-top restaurant. This incredible view sets a perfect mood for a romantic date. They serve buffet style international dinner and hence you have a wide array of choices to select from.

#2: Five Alls Restaurant

Five Alls has got a nice English decor and this leads to a charming and rustic dining experience. This restaurant was started in 1969 and since then it has been well-acclaimed as one of the most famous eateries in Salt Lake City. Their business is run within the family and you can expect extreme warmth during every visit that you pay. They provide you with a 5-course meal and a startling ambience which is unique in that locality.

#3: Bambara

If you know where the Monaco Hotel is, you’ll find the Bambara restaurant at its ground floor. This specific building was a bank at one point of time but now the new decoration speaks about the rich history and culture of the building. It has got an elegant look as it creates an aura which does justice to the overall dining experience of the customers. The chef in Bambara creates few of the best aromatic and unique flavors which can assure you a memorable experience just as the cocktails offered at their bar.

#4: Valter’s Osteria

This restaurant is a downtown gem as long as fine dining is concerned as this will bring about a major overhaul to the way you thought about Italian food. The tables in this restaurant are closely knit and this makes the customers feel as if they’re seated in an Italian restaurant where they can enjoy the sauces and pastas which team perfectly with their meat options. They bake your bread and serve you straight from the oven.

Therefore, if you’re someone who is waiting to enjoy a long-due dinner at a fine dining restaurant in Salt Lake City, you may consider choosing any one from the above mentioned list.

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