Family Fitness And Fun Outside In The Cold


snowmanPlaying outside during warm months is easy. Parks are open, animals are outside, and there are an abundance of activities to do that are both fun and keep your children active. Cold months are more of a challenge. It may seem easy to stay inside in your pajamas watching television or playing video games, but there are many ways to enjoy going outside when it’s cold. Grab a coat and do a couple of these fun activities with your children today.

  • Play tug of war in the snow. Gather two teams of kids, a rope, and see which side can pull the other side over first. If you want to have everyone stay up rather than fall onto the ground, place something in the middle of the rope on the ground and whoever passes over their mark first loses.
  • Make sleds out of trashcan lids, cardboard boxes, pieces of plastic, pool tools, or any other safe items and slide down hills with your friends. Make sure that the hill is not too steep and the landing is not near a road or traffic of any kind because cars are dangerous on slippery roads.
  • Use food coloring and water to mark off parameters of goals and play sports games like soccer and football with the whole neighborhood.
  • Tie a white cloth to a stick or eating utensil and hide it somewhere in your yard. Have everyone look for the white flag in the snow and the first person to find it gets to hide it and a new round begins. You can play a certain number of rounds, or continue playing until everyone is bored with the game.
  • Have a snowball fight with obstacles and objects to hide behind, or play dodge ball with snowballs.
  • Encourage your kids to play tag outside with the neighborhood kids. After they tire of the regular game move to freeze tag, or tell everyone that they can only step in the footprints made already. No one can make their own or they are out. Letting them do this requires them to pay attention to their surroundings and make a classic game more challenging and fun.
  • Build snow men and snow angels. When everyone is done building their snow angels and snow men have the children line up and throw hats onto the heads of both and see who can get the closest. If throwing hats is not appealing blindfold the children and let them pin eyes, nose, or mouth on the snowman. You can also have decorating contests with colored water and see how creative everyone can be by painting their creation.
  • Play cornhole! Drag out your cornhole boards and use colored snow balls to play the game. Use food dye and water to die two sets of snow balls two different colors so that you know where they landed. This winter twist on a classic game is fun for the whole family.

Physical fitness and playing outside are important all year round, not just when the weather permits. Use some of the items you have at home, bundle up, and play some creative games outside with your children to keep them active in cold months.

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