Essentials for the Perfect Dinner Party


If you are hosting a dinner party soon then you will be deciding which dishes to serve and organizing the timings for your cooking and preparation. However, there are plenty of other things that make sure that your dinner party is not just good but great. Here is a list of some of the additional accessories and features that will help you to throw the perfect dinner party:

holiday dinner party

Music – Most good restaurants provide a nice ambiance through a good playlist to entertain diners. So if you want your dinner party guests to feel comfortable and avoid awkward silences, a playlist in the background will help to do that. You don’t want to play music so loud that you cannot hear each other talking but just having some good tunes playing quietly will work well.

Centerpiece – There are a few different choices of items that you can use for a striking centerpiece. Fresh flowers always brighten the room up, if there isn’t enough room on the table then you can have them nearby instead when you sit down to eat. If the party is for a special event like a birthday, then you could get a centerpiece that fits the occasion that includes the birthday age. Candles also make a lovely centerpiece; just make sure that you choose a scent that complements your meal.

After dinner coffee and chocolate – All great meals are finished off with a nice coffee and maybe a little bit of chocolate. It is always a good idea to check whether any of your guests have any allergies or dietary requirements. Check this website out for gluten-free chocolate options. Stock up with de-caffeinated coffee too, so that your guests are not up all night with a late night caffeine intake!

Table linen – If you want to dress your table up so that it looks nice then a tablecloth and napkins will do the job. Partner them with a nice set of tableware and you will have everything you need for an excellent dinner party. Make sure that you have enough cutlery and glasses for all of your guests and if you have to borrow any chairs then do that well in advance so you know you have enough.

Menu – Designing a nice menu for your guests to read will add to the excitement, unless you want to see the surprise in their face when you bring the dishes out.

Water jug – Keep your guests well hydrated by leaving a jug of ice-cold water on the table for them to help themselves to. Make sure you prepare plenty of ice for other drinks too.

Cooking schedule – To make sure that things go to plan, it is better to have your cooking timings all worked out in advance. You might even want to do a practice run of preparing all of the meals a week or so before the event, to make any alterations that you discover or find any issues like not enough room in the oven!

Signature cocktails – If there is one way to really make your dinner party stand out, it is to design your very own cocktail to serve as guests arrive. Just select one of your favorite types of cocktails and add something unique to give it your very own twist. Then serve it with a nice selection of canapés. If you have any designated drivers then make sure that you have a good choice of non-alcohol drinks for them to choose from. You could even create a mocktail for them so they don’t feel left out.

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