Easy To Make Healthy Dessert Recipes


If you have a sweet tooth and you cannot resist the urge to gorge on that favorite dessert of yours then you need to read this. It is common knowledge that today a majority of the people are suffering from ailments like obesity, diabetes, etc. You too should be concerned about your own and your family’s health. Being worried about the calories does not mean that you need to deny yourself the pleasure of eating sweets. There are healthier alternatives to your usual desserts, even with fruits as an ingredient. Here are a few easy to make recipes of healthy desserts made with fruits. Find more healthy dessert recipes click here.

Baked Apples- Your kids will surely love this yummy treat. All you have to do is core an apple and cut into bite size cubes. Melt a little butter and mix brown sugar into it. Roll the apple pieces into the mixture and put them in medium sized bowl. Bake in the oven at 350° for about half an hour. You can even do the apples in a microwave. Chill the baked apples and serve with whipped cream and granola topping.

Banana Bites- Simply cut the bananas into bite size pieces and roll into melted chocolate or peanut butter- whichever your children love more! Top with crushed nuts or granola. You can even use chocolate chips if you use chocolate instead of peanut butter. Freeze the banana bites and serve chilled.

banana bites

Yogurt and Fruit Parfait- This delicious kin of a dessert is fast gaining popularity. Moreover, it does not take more than five minutes to make. Simply make layers of yogurt (preferably a low sugar type) and fresh fruits. For adding variety, you can even put in a few layers of granola or top it with granola and whipped cream topping. Serve chilled. This layered treat is best made in a tall glass, so all the tempting layers are visible.

There is nothing better than a delicious dessert after a meal. All you need is to redo your classic recipes a little to make them healthier. You can be very creative here. The result will not only make your family drool but they will love the variety too. Go ahead and try it!

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