Easy And Healthy: 5 Snacking Items You Can’t Miss!


Let’s face it. Cooking isn’t the favorite part of the day for most of us. We all love those short cuts to whip up some delicious meals but in a matter of a few minutes. The patience to painstakingly go through the long and tedious process to be able to cherish some good food, might not appeal to many.

It is often assumed that creating gourmet meals at home is simple and effortless. But it isn’t true. When you return from work, tired and ready to crash, not finding anything in the fridge capable of being transformed into a wholesome, homemade meal for the family, in a matter of minutes can get frustrating. So, what are the easy peasy ways to satisfy your hunger pangs?


Whether you like them boiled, poached, or scrambled, eggs are easy to cook and being loaded with proteins, vitamins, and minerals, makes for a healthy snack. Filling and yummy, they will never fail you. Make a sandwich or eat them plain, they taste just perfect. As long as they are fresh, you’re good to go!



Fruit Tart

Whipping up a fruit salad isn’t a Herculean task. Full of nutrients that are essential to one’s well-being, it’s the perfect way to start your day. Combined with some fresh cream or milk, it makes for a healthy yet heavenly treat. Top it off with honey and it becomes extra goody good! If you are really not in the mood to go that extra mile, just make yourself some juice.



This must be your go-to solution for the midnight cravings. Be it as a spread on the good old bread or on pancakes, it works wonders with just about anything. Throw in some nuts and enjoy the delicious meal. If neither is available, eat it with some biscuits. You could enjoy some easy nutella recipes, too. You can thank us later for this.


cheese sandwich

Who doesn’t love cheese? That’s right. Everybody does! Now, your preferences could vary from cheddar to mozzarella. A perfectly put together grilled cheese sandwich will only leave you asking for more. If you’re in the mood to experiment, go ahead and add in some ingredients of your own like eggs, vegetables or chips!

Order Food Online


This could probably be your favorite option in this compilation. Thanks to the sudden boom in the food delivery with on-demand food services like Faasos and simple ordering snacks from Foodpanda, ordering online is easy and convenient and not to forget, quite affordable, too. You get to pick from the city’s best food outlets and get your food steaming hot, sitting right in the comfort of your couch. The trick is to pick the healthiest item on the menu of the best restaurant in your area.

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