E-Cig Benefits and Risks

Young smoker is vaping e-cigarette or vaporizer.

It certainly looks cool when you puff out a big cloud of smoke from your vape or e-cig, but there is much controversy about the industry. E-cig comes with both benefits and problems. Where one may argue that it is electronic and different from conventional cigarettes, it does not change the fact that it is a cigarette. Hence, it does come with its list of risks along with its benefits. Here we discuss some health aspects of e-cigs that will help put things into perspective for you.


Reduces Toxic Intake

The conventional cigarette contains thousands of different carcinogens that are inevitably inhaled. Although e-cigarettes do have toxic emissions of their own, the amount is considerably lower than that of conventional cigarettes. This makes it safer for many people; although the impending risk of toxic inhalation is still present in smaller amounts. One can argue that e-cigarettes are safer and a better alternative to the usual cigarette, thanks to the filters and the fuel which filter out much of the toxic substances.

Can Be Addictive

No matter how electronic the vape is, e-cigarettes have a considerable amount of nicotine-infused in their fuel. The ultimate exposure varies depending on the fluid you use and the vape machine in question. This means that there is a risk of being addicted to the vape. You cannot rest by assuming that you are reducing your intake of nicotine while on e-cigarettes as a major part of the ultimate intake depends on the vaping practices of the smoker. Some reports go as far as to suggest that the nicotine values of conventional and e-cigarettes are almost similar.

Better Long-term Outcome

The long-term effects of conventional cigarettes are commonly known. E-cigarettes are only linked with a higher blood pressure and heart rate in the short term and there is inconclusive evidence of its problems in the long run. Moreover, there is significant proof that e-cigarettes have a lower risk of long-term effects than the conventional cigarette giving it an edge. The major factor is dependent on individual use – using the e-cigarette responsibly leads to lower long-term side effects, making it less of a health hazard.

Total Harm Reduction

Over time, health experts have concluded that the overall toxic content of e-cigarettes is considerably lower than that of conventional cigarettes. According to the FDA, there is substantial evidence that e-cigarettes can also help in smoking cessation, helping your body to wean off of nicotine. This has led to their popularity among smokers as an aid to smoking reduction as well.

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Other Benefits of E-cigarettes

Clearly, e-cigarettes seem to be a much better option. Aside from the health benefits, there are a number of other benefits of E-cigarettes as well. It may not be evident at first sight but e-cigarettes come with a number of pros for your lifestyle. For instance, they are cost effective as e-cigarettes cost much less when you compare them with conventional cigarettes. Yes, the vaping machine can cost a sum of money in the beginning, but then the cost is reduced several times over the course of its lifetime. For instance, one cartridge of e-cigarette costs only $2. Which is equal to a pack of cigarette costing up to $19. This means that you can easily save almost $17 per pack as long as you purchase the vaper.

Smoke at Leisure

As you light a cigarette, you need to finish it up. You can’t stop before it is completely finished. You can end up finishing numerous cigarettes in this manner, simply because you are obliged to do so. However, with an e-cigarette, you can take a few puffs whenever you want. Whether you are content with 2 puffs or ten, it is entirely up to you. This helps to actually decrease the amount of smoking that you do in a typical day.

No Dirty Leftovers

An e-cigarette doesn’t leave ash or a bud. You don’t have to worry about disposing of it. What’s more, you don’t need an ashtray to shed the ash buildup as there is no ash. This reduces the mess that accompanies conventional cigarettes. Just use the e-cigarette whenever you need without bothering with all the side requirements. You don’t need a lighter either. Just pull it out of your pocket and puff away.

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No Smoke Smell

Another great thing about e-cigarette is that it has a good scent. You don’t have to deal with your clothes and hair smelling like smoke as e-cigarettes don’t have that smoky smell. It is smoke-free and usually accompanied by a scent of the specific flavor in question. Moreover, the safety hazard is reduced because the e-cigarette isn’t lit and doesn’t burn holes into carpets or fabrics.

Better Acceptance

You will be surprised by the acceptance of e-cigarettes. There are many places which do not allow conventional cigarettes, but do allow the e-cigarettes. You can use it in restaurants, at work or even at the airport without having to step into special zones or even outside. However, you do need to check with the authorities first, just in case!

All of these advantages point to the benefits of having an e-cigarette. Yes, it does have basic risk and comes with a hazard warning. However, if you smoke responsibly, it is much better than conventional cigarettes. The great thing is that you get to enjoy various flavors and different strengths according to your preference. You can also try nicotine-free varieties which reduce the danger of addiction by several times.

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