Drug Abuse in America Infographic


Drug abuse in America has been on the rise and many people continue to fall victim to addiction without receiving the professional treatment they need to recover. It’s estimated that nearly 10% of the population in America has abused drugs in the past month. Drug addiction hits people of all ages, races and socio-economic backgrounds. The financial burden of substance abuse has on society totals in the billions. Factors including financial barriers, stigmas, and lack of support contribute to the widening of the treatment gap of those who need treatment and those who actually receive it. Addiction is treatable, but being prepared to receive treatment and finding the proper Rhode Island substance abuse treatment center can often times prove difficult. People who get caught up in addiction often aren’t capable of making the decision to seek treatment completely on their own. This drug abuse in America infographic helps understand why interventions are often necessary to jump start the road to recovery.

Drug Abuse in America Infographic

Ken Seeley, formerly of A&E’s tv show intervention, is experienced at providing drug intervention services for people battling with drug or alcohol addiction through his company Intervention 911.

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