Discover The Future Of Dieting


Discover The Future Of DietingDiet fads come and go and the future of dieting changes on a yearly and sometimes seasonally basis. Your diet of the future may be dependent on your genetic makeup or nutrigenomics. New diet companies are marketing to the technology that healthy dieters lead healthier lives.

Current diet plans include the DASH Diet, the Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes Diet, and Mayo Clinic Diet, Weight Watchers, Jenny, lida daidaihua, the Paleo Diet, the Video Diet and many more with many to come during 2013.

What diet you choose will be up to your preferences, lifestyle and personality. Medical journals, however, still stress that diet and exercise patiently planned and utilized is the best method for weight loss. The “Patience” weight loss program has not gone out of style for hundreds of years.


The DASH diet is a new revolution diet that was created as meal plan to lower cholesterol and high blood pressure in patients. This diet will help you lose weight, improve other health factors, and will lower the risk of diabetes and certain cancers.

Salt is the big factor in the DASH diet. Take out salt and eat whole foods that are guaranteed to lower blood pressure levels and reduce heart disease risk. If you cut out salt you are also cutting your risk of kidney stones. If you get kidney stones, try a natural kidney stone remedy.

This diet plan allows you to eat between 1200 and 2000 calories a day. How many calories you eat depends on your weight loss goals. Eat many vegetables and fruits and add proteins and whole grains. Do not salt any of your foods. You might want to eat soup and a sandwich and have vegetables on the side for lunch. It is also suggested as a meal a chicken salad. Have yogurt for dessert, but avoid the ice cream, cakes and cookies and definitely do not have a hot fudge sundae for a snack.

The DASH diet is designed to improve cholesterol levels, boost weight loss, and keep blood pressure down. Losing weight was not the primary goal, but is a secondary benefit. If you have the time to cook and shop for wholesome vegetables and fruits this is the diet you should consider for weight loss.

Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes (TLC) Diet

The TLC diet was created by the National Institutes of Health and is the diet recommended by the American Heart Association. It involves lowering foods that contain high fats and cholesterols and adding to your fiber intake. This is definitely the way to develop your heart and provide weight reduction.

TLC is a three-part platform that emphases weight management, exercise and diet. The plan itself covers over 81 pages and you can download it from the American Heart Association website. Learning how to manager cholesterol and prevent heart risk is a main theme.

Eat between 1200 and 2500 calories a day depending on your sex and weight loss goals. Avoid eating fats, stay away from saturated fats, but enjoy fruits, vegetables, fish and chicken. You can also eat nonfat dairy.

To use the TLC diet you need to develop your own recipes and shopping lists. Follow the eating plan of 1200 to 2500 good calories a day. If you are a great cook, this will be the diet plan for you. You already know how to incorporate the best of vegetables and fruits into your family’s diet. Get 20% off at Exante Diet.

Mayo Clinic Diet

The Mayo Clinic Diet is based on lifestyle changes, diet and weight loss. The first section includes spending two weeks stringently monitoring everything you eat and learning new health habits. After the initial two weeks rules ease up a bit, you are taught how to use the program long-term. Everything, remember is geared to lifestyle change and weight loss.

The Mayo Clinic Diet stresses 1200 to 1800 calories depending on your weight and sex. You will eat an abundance of fruits and vegetables; will be allowed a moderate amount of carbs, fibers and proteins. The Mayo Clinic diet focuses on moderation and smaller portions rather than restrictions.

Since the Mayo Clinic Diet focus on lifestyle you will be better equipped to make each change stick. Two week s of intense dieting will make you very hungry, but after that you will be allowed to make your own logical and sensible choices. This plan is guaranteed to provide you with a loss of one to two pounds every week.

If losing weight is the primary goal you may be dieting ahead by enrolling in to a long term diet plan. Most commercial diet plans focus on weight loss through calorie restrictions and portion control.

Weight Watchers

One diet system introduced its revolutionary points system over 14 years ago. Weight Watchers has taught both men and women to eat healthier foods and in smaller portion sizes. If you are a member you will have access to online benefits that include workouts, tracking tools and recipes. You can go to meetings if you desire, but it is not mandatory. Balanced weight loss without rigid restriction is the goal of Weight Watchers.

You can eat the company foods, but they will get a bit pricey. Instead follow the point system set up by Weight Watchers and cook your own foods. Regular exercise is also emphasized. There are hundreds of success stories credited to Weight Watches. The best of this plan is to take off the weight and learn to keep it off.

Weight Watchers basis its points system on macronutrients like proteins and carbohydrates and does not rely on calorie counting, fats, and fibers. You will have a personal point’s value based on your weight and activity level. There are more than 40,000 food values detailed on Weight Watcher’s website and this makes it easy to count the points of your favorite meals. Eat a ton of vegetables and fruits; they have zero points. There is no food off limits in the Weight Watchers Plan. Eat cake, but watch the points.

Gluten and Wheat-Free Diets

Globally 90 percent of the population can eat wheat and wheat products with no problem, but the 10 percent who do have gluten sensitivity result in celiac disease. Eating gluten and wheat free diets was developed for digestive benefits, but it has a secondary effect of helping individuals lose weight. This is due to the reduced amount of carbs in gluten-free diets. Incorporate this into your diet and it will lead to a healthier you because you will be cooking every day for your health.

Diet plans in a gluten/wheat free diet can vary but the major food elimination is wheat, barley, rye and some oats. Those who have a problem with eating grains find that when the consume gluten or a protein found in grains their immune systems shuts down or causes damage to the structures in the small intestine. Symptoms include digestive upset and bloating.

This type of diet is a medical diet rather than a weight loss plan, but if you want to lose weight cut out the gluten grains. By taking glutens out of your diet you are reducing compounds that stimulate your appetite, rise blood sugars, and release endorphin-like chemicals that cause the brain to love carbs. High consumption of wheat may also lead to diabetes, heart disease, celiac disease and schizophrenia. Control your calories in this diet to reduce weight.

Eat more starches such as rice and potatoes and corn. If you want to drive up your weight loss, watch portion sizes and also eat fruits and vegetables in abundance.

Back to the Land Diet

One up and coming diet for 2013 is the Back to the Land Diet. This diet involves consuming those foods that were available to your ancestors. In other words you cut out food that comes in cellophane wrappers and at times grains and dairy products. “Eat like a Caveman helps you lose weight” is the premise behind the Back to the Land Diet.

No processed foods, no cereal grains and no diary. Stay away from legumes and absolutely no starchy vegetables. This diet plan eliminates excess carbohydrates and followers are generally lean and within weight limits.

There are no counting calorie diets in Back to the Land Diet. If you want to count calories to monitor your weight loss, that’s up to you. You need to make sure your daily intake totals are less than you usually eat or portion control. You can eat meats and vegetables as well as some fruits and nuts. Eat steak or fish with a side salad. Do be aware that you may have to take vitamin supplements to retain the benefits of dairy, grains and legumes.

If you used or liked the Atkins Diet from a few years ago, this style of diet might work for you. You will consume a similar amount of proteins but add more fruits and vegetables…

Vegetarian Diets

One weight loss diet that has been a fad in and out over the years is now cutting edge and the future of weight loss. Vegetarian eaters are often slimmer than those who regularly consume meat. Vegetarians experience lower rates of heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure. Eating a vegetarian diet does not depend on calorie counting or exercise, but will reduce weight by one pound per week with just regular plant based food meals.

You can eat unlimited portions of high fiver vegetables, fruits and whole grains which will definitely maintain your healthy body weight without feeling hungry.

Evidence proves that vegan diets will bring on amplified calorie burn after meals. Plant based foods are proficient fuel sources for your body. Eat an apple; it will not be deposited as fat in your body. Nutrients will move rapidly through your body, enter you cells and convert to heat and energy rather than fat.

Nuts and Bolts Dieting

Using group training sessions for weight loss can be very productive. Follow programs set up by personal trainers and learn to eat right and exercise more efficiently. This program involves meeting with a trainer twice a week and being educated on the proper form of exercising and eating. Personalized or group weight loss programs help you design your own workouts and provide the motivation to lose the weight.

Progress is tracked using fitness assessment software and weight, BMI, body fat and circumference measurements are mandatory. In addition to physical testing nuts and bolts dieting maintains records of blood pressure and resting heart rates.

Nutrition is a big part of this program and you will actually go with your trainer to your local grocery store to purchase the best foods for you weight loss regimen.

Looking Forward

Go back to 2011, or the time when everyday hormone injections and 500 a day calorie diets were popular. Those who tried the HGC diet did lose weight, but anyone who eats only 500 calories a day will lose weight as well as muscle mass, healthy blood cells, and skin fitness.

The next year saw a return to practical eating focusing on whole foods and portion restrictions. This year seeks to keep healthy eating and exercise routines as the best ways to lose weight, but if you need a little push or added support you can look to commercial diet plans, talk to vegan friends, and read about diets on websites.

The goal should not be to fit in skinny jeans but to provide health and lifestyle improvements.

If you simply cannot lose weight no matter what you do investigate genetic testing. It has been proven that a gene called glutahione s-transerase mu is a very important detox gene and there are many people who do not have this gene. If you find that you are one of the 50 percent of Caucasians who lack glutahione s-transerase mu, determine a nutrition plan that adds certain vegetables and fruits to your diet. Exercise at least thirty minutes a day.

In a nutshell, the weight loss regimes of the future are portion control, exercise, eating healthy fruits and vegetables and grains and using personalization techniques. The wave of the dieting future is to understand that genetics play a very important part in your weight and health. Utilize genetic testing, find out what enzymes you are missing and enrich your diet with the foods that will provide health and weight loss.

Shelly Farber is a freelance writer who does a lot of Isagenix cleansing diet reviews, educating on new diets, and general all around fitness writing. You can find her articles in many different health and fitness websites. Buy Isagenix at

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