Diet Tips for People with Thyroid Problems


thyroid problemsThyroid problems are common especially among American women. The sad fact is that there are people who have thryoid problems but have remained undiagnosed. Nutrition has a role to play in keeping people healthy and steer clear from the nasty complications of thyroid problems. Here are some diet tips that you can use if you are having trouble with your thyroid.

Diet Tips for Those with Thyroid Problems

Using iodized salt

Iodine deficiency has become one of the leading causes of thyroid problems. Iodine is important for having great thyroid function. Actually, thyroid hormones are made up of iodine. Iodine deficiency is almost rare in developed countries due to the widespread use of iodized salt. Fish, dairy and some grains are major sources of dietary iodine. It is best to consult with the dietician if there are significant risks of iodine deficiency that may be causing the thyroid problem. While most people using iodized salt may not be in danger of getting thyroid problems, women of childbearing age may not be getting enough. There is also a problem for excess iodine intake which also could impact thyroid health.

Take B-complex

Studies have shown that people who have significant deficiencies in B-complex vitamins also have problems with their thyroid. About 30 percent of people with unhealthy thyroid are n0t getting enough B-vitamins. Most of the rich sources of B-vitamins are calorie-rich which may not be exactly beneficial if you are looking to lose weight. Dairy and some fatty fish are good sources of B-complex vitamins. It is also helpful to take vitamin supplements if you don’t want to get many calories. There are also vegan sources like enriched yeast and fortified cereals that can help sufferers in increasing their intake of B-complex. Lean meat, liver and dairy are also great sources but these can also increase bad cholesterol and cause other health problems. Thus, keeping everything in moderation is still the best advice.

Get selenium

Selenium and the thyroid gland are synonymous with each other. Selenium is an important nutrient that is essential in the production of enzymes that are important in normal thyroid function. Selenium is great but it can cause a lot of problems such as increased risk of diabetes and cancer when taken in excess. Try to source selenium through your diet by eating foods like Brazil nuts, tuna and some seafood.

Get vitamin D

orangesVitamin D can easily be obtained as long as you expose your skin to the sun. Depending on the available sunlight you can expose your skin within 15 to 20 minutes. Vitamin D deficiency has been linked to Hashimoto’s disease and in one study 90 percent of sufferers have indications of vitamin D deficiency.


Get exercise

exercise tips for thyroid problemsThyroid health will never be complete without discussing exercise. Physical activity is important for people to improve their bodily functions and fight thyroid problems. Hypothyroid patients can easily gain weight and may even develop fatigue and depression.

There are many nutritional factors which have a role to play in optimizing the functions of the thyroid. When you work with your doctor you can make things happen and turn an unfortunate incident into a winning one.

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