Deal with Stress – 6 Tips to Positively Deal with Stress


6 tips to positively deal with stressStress is a huge reason why people are drawn into negativity. Everyone can relate whenever stress is mentioned. Often you would see people eating unhealthy food, losing sleep, acting irascibly and just downright feeling bitter about life. What makes this fact so depressing is that stress is part of our daily lives. Rather than dwell on the negativity, it’s better to look at this huge problem positively and deal with the situation gracefully. People will just become more stressed if they remain anxious in keeping their lives stress-free. Sorry, but your life can never be stress-free especially now that you are living in this modern world. This is why we have to do the next best thing which is to deal with stress and anxiety in a positive light.

Deal with Stress: Breathe Brilliantly

When you breathe right you are allowing the oxygen to enter your body. Improper breathing can cause and could result in a lot of stress and anxiety. A person that is anxious breathes shallow that will only increase the level of anxiety. When you are feeling anxious it is best to do several deep and slow breaths. This allows you to become calmer and allows your mind and body to relax. Funny it may seem but a lot of people are not breathing properly which can result to a stressed and anxious mind. Has it occurred to you the reason that you are anxious because you are not breathing right?

Deal with Stress: Reduce The Pessimism

When you are pessimistic you are actually attracting stress to rule your life. Make it a habit to look at things positively. When you are presented with a half-filled glass of water see it always as half-full and never half-empty. How many times things didn’t turn out to meet your expectations and it made you bitter? But have you tried to convince yourself that things will only get better next time and felt good about it? When you absorb positivity you get fewer worries which in turn will lessen stress.

Deal with Stress: Exercise

The human body is designed to move. If it doesn’t move it will incur excess energy. The excess energy in our body becomes stored as physical tension and ultimately becomes mental tension. There are lots of ways to have some exercise. You can walk, bike or even do some yoga poses. All it takes is 20 to 30 minutes of your time daily. It is believed that when you sustain a pace of activity it will help you become more relax and melt the stress away.

Deal with Stress: Write it Down

A stress journal is an effective way to help you identify the things that cause stress at work or in your life. Keep track of the events and happenings that made you feel so stressed and anxious. This daily log will help you figure out how to avoid the things that can cause you some stress as you will begin to see patterns that could help you cope better.

Deal with Stress: Enjoy Life

Perhaps the best way to positively cope with stress is to enjoy life. Remember how Peter Pan flies? We should only think about happy thoughts, he suggested. Take a walk in the park and try to appreciate what is out there. If you can play some games to make your mind become occupied for a time.

Deal with Stress: Quit Whining

There are times when we are the source of our own tension because we whine too much. When we procrastinate because we don’t want those things that are going our way, we are just giving the problem its snowball effect that can become a huge issue. Therefore, we are just making it even tougher to solve. Once it becomes a big issue sometimes it only adds to the pressure when we try to do something about it. Have you ever heard yourself saying these statements: I would do it later, no I can still do it tomorrow and I’m not in the mood? Then you are guilty of driving yourself to Stressville.

Realize that there is no perfect moment to beat stress than now. Create the next positive moment by starting to become an optimist right now. You will soon realize how valuable this existence would be when you are able to conquer stress and anxiety.

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