Creative Ways to Avoid Harmful Chemicals


The modern world has an impressive array of amenities. They often come with superior technology, but many have toxic chemicals that enter our bloodstream, and air and water supply. Here are some creative ways to live a chemical-free life.

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In Your Body

Organic food is the first way to eliminate chemicals from the body. The best way to know that growers haven’t treated your fruit and vegetables is to grow them yourself or buy from a trusted local source. Consuming locally grown food also allows the food to ripen on the plant, absorbing the most nutrient from the soil. Tap water from most municipalities contains chlorine and chloramine. It’s essential to filter out these chemicals with residential chlorostatic water softeners Cincinnati. Installing a water softener will also prevent build up in your plumbing. You can also switch to cleaner hygiene products like oils for moisturizing, mineral-based makeups, and bar soaps made with few ingredients.

In Your Home

The number of chemical compounds in the world has increased by 70,000 since 1950. We bring many of them into our home unwittingly. Furthermore, modern homes are more airtight for energy conservation, so air doesn’t circulate through our living spaces as much as it used to. If you purchase any furniture or flooring for your home, let it air out outside before bringing it in. Open windows when weather permits, and don’t purposefully buy new chemicals if possible. There is an easy way to clean your home with mostly just water.

In Your Yard

Weeds can be an eyesore to any property. Before giving in to herbicides, know that there are natural and effective ways to combat them. Fast-growing invasive species are not all edible, but dandelions are. Remember that part about eating local? Here are some recipes using dandelion greens. If this isn’t for you, or you have an infestation of multiple species, you can prevent their growth by depriving them of light. Laying carpet or cardboard over the weeds you’d like to clear, is an economical solution for broad coverage. You can also apply a thick layer of mulch. If they are growing sporadically or near vegetation that you would like to keep, pull them. Try to remove them before they flower, and remove the whole plant, including the root. If they aren’t coming out quickly, moisten the soil around them.

Removing or drastically eliminating chemicals in your environment works toward a healthy life for you, your family, and the whole planet.

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