Could a Dog Encourage You to Live Healthier?


You know the importance of living a healthy life, but for some reason (or reasons), you can’t seem to stay on the right path. Time constraints, fear of failure, limited results, old habits (that you can’t seem to kick), and the lack of motivation often push you further and further from your health goals. There’s an abundance of information out there on how to get inspired including joining a gym, working with a personal trainer, or having the support of friends, which are great, but for those that need a little extra boost, perhaps getting a dog is right for you.

Love is a Powerful Motivator

Dogs really are like children. They rely on you for everything including food, shelter, companionship, and care. They are some of the most lovable creatures on the earth, which any dog owner would attest to. Dogs grow on you quickly, and before long that precious pooch becomes the center of your world. Suddenly, there’s nothing you wouldn’t do for him or her. Your love for your pet can actually motivate you to do a lot more than you think.

You’re More Similar Than You Realize

Believe it or not, dogs and humans have a lot in common. Much like humans, in order to live a long life, dogs must maintain a healthy lifestyle. It is important that they eat, exercise, rest, and a host of other things to remain the strong, lovable, companion you chose the day you bought or adopted them. As the owner, their health becomes your responsibility. As you do things for your pup that is required to keep them in good health, you can do the same for yourself. Here’s a look at what your furry family member needs from you.



Feeding your dog may seem as simple as grabbing the cheapest bag of kibble and throwing it in a bowl. Yet, much like you, your dog can’t eat just anything. When shopping for dog food you should be selecting foods that include the nutrients and ingredients your dog needs to remain healthy and strong. Quality dog food should be made from natural ingredients and include a variety of protein, vitamins, nutrients, minerals, carbs, and fats. They also require lots of water to stay hydrated. Essentially, as you start making an effort to care about what goes into your dog’s body, you’ll start doing the same for yourself.


Dogs need regular exercise to maintain strong healthy bones, muscles, and skin. Just like humans, when your pet is active, it reduces the chances of them getting diseases like cancer or arthritis in dogs. Regular physical activity helps them to keep excess weight off and also improves their mood. Walking your dog at least twice a day for 15 minutes helps them and also gets you out of the house and moving.

Grooming and Hygiene

Every pet owner wants their dog to look great, but that’s not the only reason that grooming is vital to your pet’s health (or yours). When you take the time to bathe, brush, and tend to your dog’s personal hygiene you’re improving their health. Baths help to keep the unwanted pests away like ticks and fleas while brushing their teeth is vital to avoid tooth decay. Brushing your dog regularly and trimming their hair and nails keeps hair from getting tangled, nails from becoming ingrown, and other painful or complex health problems. Seeing how great your dog looks and feels after a grooming session can often inspire you to want to spruce yourself up.


Being alone may be necessary and even fun at times, but close relationships play a significant role in your mental well-being. People who have strong friendships smile more, have a greater source of support, feel more confident, and live longer lives. The same goes for your dogs. Not only do they rely on human interaction from you and other family members, but they enjoy the companionship of other dogs too. Taking your pooch to the local dog park to play and connect with other pets can encourage you to do the same in your own life. Who knows, you might even meet someone at the dog park that turns into a good friend.


Good dog owners love their pets and will go to the ends of the earth to make sure that they are well taken care of. There’s something about the deepness of that love that can often inspire you to make some changes for the better in your life. As you start following a well-balanced diet, walking daily, grooming regularly, and encouraging positive relationships for your dog, it may be all you need to improve your own life.

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