Cosmetic Surgery For Men is On the Rise


It’s not just women who obsess about their looks! Plenty of men have the same sort of hang-ups, and more and more of them are choosing to do something about it by getting cosmetic surgery. It’s getting far more popular for men to go under the knife to fix those little things that have always annoyed them. There is a lot of pressure on men to look good, just like women, and they are certainly aware of their body image. Why not do something about it if they are not happy with it? A lot of celebrity males are rumored to have undergone certain cosmetic procedures, and this has paved the way for every other man on the planet to think that cosmetic surgery for men is slightly more possible. Here are the most common cosmetic surgeries that men are going in for at the moment:

cosmetic surgery for men

Cosmetic Surgery for Men

A Nose Job for Men

nosejob for men

Nose reshaping (or rhinoplasty) was probably the first male cosmetic surgery procedure to become popular. A big nose, or a nose that is misshapen from a punch or an accident, can really affect a man’s entire face, and they will be aware of this (and their mates will probably tease them something rotten too – they’re not as kind as women!). Any decent clinic will offer a nose job to men these days and more and more men are choosing to fix their nose to boost their confidence.

Chest Reduction for Men

No man wants ‘moobs’ but unfortunately they are very common, particularly with the onset of middle age. Men can get very sensitive if their chest starts to grow. It’s totally possible to do something about it – and many men now are. The procedure is relatively simple and the recovery time is quick. Its medical name is ‘gynecomastia’, which you may want to use rather than ‘moobs’ when you’re talking to your surgeon (if you can pronounce it!).

Male Eye Surgery

Dirty great bags under one’s eyes are never attractive, and if you are afflicted then there is little you can do about it other than going under the knife. Equally, some men opt for eyelid lifting, which opens the eyes and solves droopy eyelids. Eyes being the window to the soul, it’s pretty harsh if yours are not how you want them to be. This surgery won’t give you 20-20 vision, but whatever your problem with the skin around your eyes is, there is every chance that eyelid surgery in Sydney by Dr Naveen can fix it for you.

Chin Implants for Men

Chin implants help achieve that chiseled look that male models are so famous for. It helps you get that ‘masculine’ look that women subconsciously look for. If you have a problem with your chin, jaw or neckline, then a little cosmetic surgery may be able to fix it for you.

If you are a man with a hang-up about your body, then it’s time to stop being embarrassed and consult with a plastic surgeon. They will have seen it all before, so don’t be nervous. They will talk you through each of the procedures they offer, and before you know it, you will be free of the body anxiety that you have had for so long.

Kevin David, the author of today’s post is an intern working with Dr. Michael Echavez, who is a cosmetic surgeon in San Francisco. He is a very enthusiastic and helpful person and he enjoys sharing his knowledge via blogging.

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