Coping with Arthritis


Overcoming arthritis can be a challenge, especially if you find yourself incapable of dealing with the pain. There are numerous medicines that can help you diminish the aches but you may still experience discomfort.

Several basic steps can be used to help you cope with arthritis pain. Massages and alternative medicine can accomplish a lot, even if you have already given up the hope of discovering a reliable remedy.

Alternative Medicine for Arthritis

Meditation and relaxation techniques can help you manage arthritis pain. Though many people feel skeptical about such alternative methods of healing, stress can be one of the main causes of discomfort and pain.   You can learn how to meditate, even if you have never practiced yoga before. The ability to escape from daily worries and to achieve a state of harmony can be used to diminish all unpleasant sensations, including arthritis pain.

Another very useful method of pain relief involves massages. Several studies confirm that muscle and joint massages performed by a therapist or at home can reduce arthritis pain. Apart from diminishing the pain, massage will also decrease the stiffness and range of motion problems connected to arthritis.

Weight and Arthritis Pain

It is easy to understand how weight puts strain on the joints. Logically, losing some weight will affect the negative sensations connected to rheumatoid arthritis. Studies suggest that a weight loss of 10 pounds lifts pressure equal to 30 pounds off the knees.   The human body is created to support itself and the joints can carry a large weight without being burdened. In the case of arthritis, however, joints experience deterioration that makes them vulnerable and less capable of supporting the body’s weight properly. You will sense the difference, even if you manage to achieve small weight loss.

Wearing the Right Shoes

When it comes to supporting your body and making it easy for the joints and muscles to carry your weight, you will have to think about the right footwear. In the case of rheumatoid arthritis, the selection of good shoes is of uttermost importance for pain management.

Before buying new shoes, try to figure out how you walk and which part of the sole is worn. All of your old shoes that have worn out soles should be discarded. You need proper support, especially when planning to work out. Orthopedic or medical shoes protect the feet and the joints by giving you the right support.   Ladies that suffer from arthritis need to be careful about high heel shoes. Even thick heels that are just two inches high can affect the knee joints in a negative way. Researchers have found out that high heels can aggravate the arthritis symptoms.

Food as a Remedy For Arthritis

Particular foods can diminish arthritis pain. Although the food cannot be used to treat the condition, it can make pain manageable. Foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids rank among the healthiest options for arthritis sufferers. Omega-3 makes inflammatory processes less severe, which in turn decreases the pain.   Arthritis sufferers need to include fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamin C in their diet. Citrus fruits, tomatoes and peppers are connected to collagen production and collagen is the building block of cartilage. Adequate vitamin C intake diminishes the risk of particular kinds of arthritis and it diminishes the severity of the symptoms already experienced.

Written on behalf of suppliers of mobility aids for the elderly Collins Care

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