Comparing a Gluten-free Diet to a Low Calorie Diet Plan

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gluten free vs low calorieWhen you look for a good diet to lose weight, there are many choices available, but not every diet is appropriate for weight loss. There are many diets that focus on a particular medical problem and may not be helpful in losing unwanted pounds. One popular diet talked about today is the gluten-free diet. Other diets can often be categorized as a low calorie diet plan. These two approaches to dieting are much different.

What is a low calorie diet plan?
A low calorie diet plan is designed for weight loss. As with all weight loss methods, the goal is to reduce daily calorie intake. Any good low calorie diet plan will achieve a lower calorie intake with portion control. The means the diet allows for a variety of foods, but you eat smaller amounts of each food. When properly designed, there is no temptation to eat more food than your body needs.

What is a gluten-free diet?
A gluten-free diet is specifically for people with celiac disease or with an allergy to gluten. Many people have a problem absorbing vitamins in the digestive system because of gluten. In the case of celiac disease, there can be a lot of pain. The solution is to eliminate gluten from your diet. Gluten is a protein that is found in high concentrations in foods found in the grain category such as wheat. A gluten-free diet will focus on eliminating and reducing large amounts of gluten from an individual’s diet. Since the focus is on treating a medical condition, there is no weight loss component of the diet.

Which diet is best for weight loss?
If your only concern is with losing weight, then a low calorie diet plan is the clear choice. It works, and you enjoy different foods on this diet. However, if you have a problem with gluten, you will need to approach a weight loss diet with special precautions.

Can you achieve weight loss with a gluten-free diet?
Yes. The best way to do this is to start with the gluten-free diet, and then reduce the calories in the diet. You can do this with the same method as a low calorie diet plan. You reduce the daily calories by reducing the portions of the different foods you are eating.

If you have no medical issues related to celiac disease or allergies to gluten, then go ahead and try a low calorie diet plan. There are many diet websites that can provide ideas for healthy meals as well as ready made meals and snacks to help you with your diet. is an example of this type of diet website.

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