Common Misconceptions about Cancer


misconceptions about cancerCancer is a dreaded disease that has claimed the lives of millions of people. It is one disease that has been misconstrued for years. Cancer is actually a class of diseases where a group of cells have grown beyond control. In order to fight this disease it is important to know what it really is and to realize that there are things that we thought that were right but are actually wrong. Here are some of the classic and common misconceptions that people have about cancer.

Common Misconceptions about Cancer

All cancers are the same

This could be the biggest misconception ever about cancer. We all know that we have been bombarded with the phrase “finding the cure for cancer”. Actually there could never be a cure for cancer because it is impossible to find a single cure for a multitude of diseases. Remember, cancer is a class of diseases and not just a single disease. There is a huge difference and no one will blame you for feeling the anxiety of being duped to think that way since media has failed to properly educate the public ever since.

There is no cure for cancer

This is a bit confusing unless we dig deep into the technicalities. While cancer is incurable as there is no process that can eliminate and prevent it from coming back some patients have reported that their brush with cancer has been eliminated. While technically there is no cure for cancer but it is also wrong that there is no hope for the individual patient. There is this thing about cured status so therefore there is a cure. Remission is the period after there are no signs of cancer five years after the diagnosis. If there are no signs of cancer after five years then the patient is said to be cured.

Cellphones cause cancer

Almost 30 percent of people polled believed that cellphone use can cause cancer, specifically lymphedema which causes swelling in the legs and arms and requires lymphedema treatment. There is no solid scientific evidence to purport this claim yet. The National Cancer Institute in the United States is still working for links between cellphone use and cancer. As cellphones become more technologically advanced, the cancer treatments that are radiation based have become less severe which can lower the potential of cellphones causing cancer.

Artificial sweeteners cause cancer

In the 1970s and early 1980s there has been a lot of news purportedly linking artificial sweeteners like aspartame to cancer. For more than three decades, scientists have been studying the effects of artificial sweeteners often used in diet sodas and other sugar-free food. There is no scientific evidence to support the claim that cancer can be obtained with moderate use of artificial sweeteners. Regardless, doing you can do yoga to treat lymphedema. Yoga stretches such as the cat pose, can certainly help you prevent cancer even if you do choose to have artificial sweeteners on a daily basis and believe in their risks.

Only women can get breast cancer

While women are 100 percent susceptible to breast cancer men can also have it too. Lest we forget that men has breast tissue and with it comes the risk of having breast cancer. The American Cancer Society in the United States reported that about 2000 men each year are diagnosed with breast cancer.

Cancer is a difficult disease. There are lots of conspiracy theories about science withholding the cure. Remember it is the duty of a medical professional to save lives. If there is indeed a complete cure then it should have been out by now but sadly there are none. For now, instead of experiencing a lot of anxiety and stress about issues of cancer-causing things around us the best thing to do is to always observe a healthy lifestyle. This way, our body’s basic defenses will remain strong against any signs of cancer.

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