The Cinch Diet Overview


An overview of The Cinch Diet The Cinch diet is based on the book “Cinch! Conquer Cravings, Drop Pounds, and Lose Inches” by Cynthia Sass (highly recommended). However, this diet plan if specifically targeted to young women. The idea behind the Cinch diet is to help people women lose weight without asking them to give up on their eating pleasures.

The basic function of the Cinch diet plan is similar to most weight loss programs, namely, controlled eating. Dieters will have 4 meals a day and then satisfy their sweet tooth with a small piece of healthy dark chocolate. Hence, dieters can lose weight without experiencing cravings.

Cinch Diet First 5 Days

This diet extends over 30 days, but the first 5 days can be used to generate maximum weight loss by consuming a diet that includes items like:

  • Spinach
  • Organic eggs
  • Yogurt
  • Almonds
  • Vegan substitutes

Generally one can lose up to 8 pounds in these 5 days, but this depends on how much a person weighs. It should also be remembered that weight loss in this period does not comprise of fat only. In fact, most of this weight loss is water weight, as well as waste. Moreover, even with rapid weight loss during the initial 5 days, this is not a quick weight loss program.

This initial intense diet is only meant to encourage dieters as quick results motivate people to go on. The 5-day intense diet is optional.

Cinch Diet Post 5-Day Period

After the first 5 days, dieters can bring in more variety to their diet, items that are unprocessed, wholesome, and rich in nutrients.

Instead of processed foods with artificial ingredients and additives, the 4 daily meals include:

  • Produce
  • Seasonings
  • Whole Grain
  • Plant-based fats
  • Lean protein

Some items excluded in this plan are:

    • Red Meats
    • Diet Sodas
    • Pork
    • Alcoholic drinks

However, one cup of coffee is allowed per day. In addition, it is suggested that dieters should at least have 5 veggie meals per week.

Cinch Diet: Other Factors

Although the Cinch diet is based on portion control, dieters do not need to count calories. As an estimate, 1300 calories should be consumed daily during the first 5 days, followed by 1600 calories per day till the schedule ends. The Cinch plan also encourages people to get engaged in physical activity. Although nothing beats a “blood, sweat, and tears” workout, in this section on diets we only focus on simple cardio exercises like walking, and we will discuss full-fledged exercise regimes in other sections of this book. So dieters can walk for 30 minutes a day, simply to get their heartbeat pacing. In addition, you don’t need to workout at all during the 5-day period.

Weight Loss in the Cinch Diet

Timing is of immense importance in this diet plan. Breakfast should be taken within an hour of waking up, while rest of the meals should be after intervals spanning 3-5 hours. According to the author of this plan, various factors like the functioning of metabolism and the regulation of blood sugar rely on eating timings.

Secondly, dieters should eat combinations of the foods recommended under this plan so that their body receives adequate supply of protein, carbs, and fat, all working together to generate weight loss. Don’t forget seasonings, as they can add taste to your food without adding extra calories or sodium. Some of these seasonings include:

  • Herbs
  • Spices
  • Vinegar
  • Tea
  • Citrus
  • Hot peppers

People following the Cinch diet do not require a follow-up plan; all that is needed is to follow the diet schedule for 30 days. All in all, the Cinch diet is a user-friendly diet plan and its 5-day starting plan greatly motivates users to continue with the plan.

The author of this article is Adrian Obijeski, a Natural Therapies Specialist

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