Wine for the Christmas Table


Wine for the Christmas Table

Christmas parties are the ideal occasions to try out new and exotic wines or to enjoy your old favorites. Here is a list of tasty and affordable Christmas wines that you can have at Christmas parties to celebrate the festive flavor of the occasion.

Chardonnay Wines – Chardonnay grapes are found in Lebanon, and are also cultivated in the Chablis region of Burgundy, France. Chardonnay is a dry white table wine made from these grapes. Alternately known as white burgundy, Chardonnay wine brings with it a variety of flavors, including apple, lemon, tangerine, lime, pear, melon, butter and oak. Chardonnay wine goes well with seafood, pork, poultry, and other preparations that have a heavy butter or cream base. It may also be served with guacamole, salads, and different curries. Some of the most well-known producers of Chardonnay wine are Chateau Montelena, Francis Ford Coppola, Shafer Vineyards, Beringer, Eola Hills, and Jacob’s Creek.

Beaujolais nouveau – It’s a perfect Christmas wine. It’s a light-bodied, fruity and tannin-free red wine. Beaujolais is made from Gamay grapes, which are grown in Beaujolais, France. Beaujolais Nouveau has a purple-pink color, and is not meant to be stored, unlike most other wine varieties. In fact, it should be consumed within a year after the wine has been manufactured. Georges Duboeuf, Jean-Paul Thevenet, Louis Jadot and Domaine Yvon Metras are some the top producers of this variety of wine.

Pinot Noir  – The cultivation of Pinot Noir grapes, from which this wine is produced, is rather difficult. They have to be grown during the summer months and need to be supported by cool breezes. Pinot Noir is a light-medium bodied red wine with a fruity taste. Initially produced in France, Pinot Noir is also found in various other regions of the world, like California, Oregon, Germany, Australia, New Zealand and Italy. It is also known as ‘red burgundy’. Some of the main producers of this wine are Argyle, Coyote Ridge, De Loach, Sebastiani and King Estate.

christmas grapesSauvignon Blanc – Sauvignon Blanc is said to have originated in the Loire Valley of France. In New Zealand, however, these grapes are used to produce white wine. Geyser Pea, Kim Crawford, Montes, Clos Pegase, Rutherford Ranch are some of the reputed manufacturers of this wine.

Zinfandel – Zinfandel wine is available in both red and white varieties. White Zinfandel pairs well with a wide variety of Christmas delicacies. Ridge, 7 Deadly Zins, Pezzi-King, Rancho Zabaco and Edmeades are some of the top producers of this wine variety.

Along with food that forms an inseparable part of Christmas parties, you can also try out many different types of wines on these occasions. All that you need to ensure is that the wine you serve during Christmas parties fits in perfectly with the food menu that you decide upon.

Andy Steven is a renowned author. He writes articles on foods and wines. This article deals with wines that you can buy during Christmas parties from Continental Treat Fine Bistro.

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