Choosing the Right Hot Food Bar for Your Business


As the food service business has changed to accommodate the expansion of flavors and tastes from around the globe, the equipment needed to keep these delicious dishes hot, safe, and appetizing for the customer has expanded and improved as well. With the workday increasingly moving away from the traditional 9-5 schedule, more people than ever before are looking for something tasty to go – and it’s up to the food service proprietors to choose the right equipment to meet their needs. If you work in the food industry and are in the market for functional and economical ways to keep your food hot and ready, then read on for some basic considerations.


First, Determine the Service Style

Determine your needs. Do you need a hot wing bar or a rotisserie chicken case? Are you looking for a hot food bar that allows customers to serve themselves? If that’s the case, make sure that the equipment you choose has ample room for more than one customer to move around the bar, and that there’s enough room for things like plates and serving utensils on or near the bar. If your bar is intended to allow a customer to ask for a specific item while your employee serves it from behind glass, keep the dimensions of your kitchen area in mind, as well as the number of items you wish to offer, as you select your equipment.

Next, Familiarize Yourself With Local Health and Safety Codes

The safety standards regarding a hot food bar can differ from one town to another, so it’s best to look up how much room must be available for either employees or customers around the equipment, as well as the maximum temperatures allowed. Additionally, make sure that protective gear like sneeze guards are in place and whether there are any other food service regulations you’ll need to abide by in order to make both the local health inspector and fire marshal happy.

Finally, Select a Hot Food Bar for Your Style and Budget
When you have determined the type of equipment you need and local codes to be satisfied, figure out how much you can afford to spend. You might be surprised at how stylish many food bars can be across the price spectrum.

Choosing a food bar doesn’t have to be complicated. Look around for something that works best with your style and price point for best results!

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